Embodiment: Calling Soul Home To A Lovingly Cultivated Inner Sanctum

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 111 – Embodiment: Calling Soul Home To A Lovingly Cultivated Inner Sanctum

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Welcome back to a new season of Woman Awake.

In today’s episode, I want to share some words from a beautiful member of the current (I am) The Remedy container, who wrote me to share her experiences in our weekly Soma and Light Sessions on embodiment…

Her words: “You’re the first person I’ve done training with that I actually understand and have felt what it means to embody something. The word embody has always been elusive to me, but every single Sunday session I’m like, OMG this is embodied! Which can only mean that you yourself embody the practices. You are filled with grace…”

Firstly, what a message. I still pinch myself that I get to work with women who so beautifully share words like this and who see me with such love.

Secondly, I’m bloody thrilled. Because it wasn’t only 5-6 years ago that I realised a big and painful truth. I was not EMBODIED. I was not grounded. I was not and had never been home on this earth, in this body, in this lifetime (and that simply wasn’t good enough)…

So this feedback is a huge gift… Even so, despite this, I cringe when people describe me as an embodiment coach…

Embodiment is the new spiritual buzz word du jour.

I actually really LOVE embodiment work. I love the word. I love what it means. I love that we are starting to centre our attention on the SOMA and explore somatic based practices.

I cringe though because, to me, embodiment is often very misinterpreted or misunderstood. It’s not something you DO. It’s in the BEING. We DO things to support our integration and becoming. So we can BE embodied.

The irony in what I’m about to say is that embodiment is not how well you can writhe about on the floor performing your best pleasure based practice (and again, I say this with a little cheek – I love a good floor romp).

Here’s the thing … we can “perform” and attempt to portray what might look like an EMBODIED individual. We can perform anything if we want to. But the real golden ticket is when a person can hold space AND transmit a clear and tangible form of embodiment that is felt not just witnessed and seen.

“To be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to an idea, quality, or feeling…”

When we are in the presence of someone who is embodied, that is how we begin to learn what embodiment feels like and looks like. That person might be silent and still and yet if we can FEEL their embodiment then we come to understand it and possibly begin to live it too.

When someone embodies their truth it’s not just the things they say, it’s the way they live, stand steady, own, exemplify and teach without trying. It’s what’s you HEAR without words.

When someone fully inhabits and embodies their sovereignty they do not fight from a place of fear but instead hold strength and worthiness. There is reverence for themselves and others and a very clear, unbreakable & felt boundary line.

When someone embodies their sexuality & sensuality, it’s not something they perform, but something you can FEEL – a frequency you can almost taste even when they are washing the dishes. They are not in their mind questioning their creative, sexual self – they are breathing that into every moment.

When someone embodies their heart and their soul there are no airs and graces, false pretences or games – you can sense their aliveness and wholeness. You are invited into their authenticity and vulnerability. You can touch their compassion and get drawn into their deep respect for humanity and divinity.

And when someone is embodied and you are in their midst, one thing that you will KNOW without a shadow of a doubt is that they have done and continue to do the work. It takes a willingness to be with all the places and spaces that block a fully integrated, tangible and embodied experience. To see the stories, to witness the wounds, to battle the beliefs and to practice, every day, gently calling soul home to a lovingly cultivated inner sanctum.

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