Become The Inconvenient Woman

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 110 – Become The Inconvenient Woman

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This week on the podcast I’m speaking about what it means to me to be an inconvenient woman.

As a mother, I’m often ‘inconvenient’ and I’m OK with that…

However after sharing a story on Instagram about my daughter and an interaction I had with her at school  recently it prompted me to want to unpack what it really means for us, especially as women who identify with the feminine, to ‘rock the boat’, go against the expectations of others and be ‘inconvenient’.


In this episode I speak to:

– The story I shared on Instagram, where my priority for my daughter’s emotional wellbeing took precedence over ‘obeying the rules’ (and always will).

– What being inconvenient in motherhood and womanhood can look and feel like.

– How we must ASK for help and ask questions that may leave others uncomfortable, and often stand out from those around us.

– And how we must prioritise our energy management, health, vitality and spirituality, and push back on all the invisible boundaries and chains that lock us into servitude, submission and toeing the line.


Show Notes:

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