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In today’s podcast I chat with friend, mentor and published author Shunanda Scott who you may remember from episode 014 where we spoke about raising sensitive children, working with the angels and being an empath.

Shunanda has just released her new book – The New Angel Messages – which includes the messages she received whilst channelling from the angels for 365 days in the thick of the pandemic.

The daily messages from the angels at this time were a life changing level of support for both myself and many others through uncertain times, and to now have access to them in this book is a true gift and reminder that love always prevails.

We speak about:

– Who are the angels, what are they, and how does Shunanda relate to them.
– Shunanda’s personal journey of working with the angels, complete with her own resistance following the messages of mainstream religion, and how different type of angels communicate and work with us.
– How to anchor with the angels and their messages, and open, trust and feel their communication
– The way this work formed a huge part of my own personal awakening and reconnecting with this invisible layer of support and unconditional love
– How Shunanda was guided to create these messages daily and turn them into a book
– How Shunanda stays attuned to the message and the channel, without her triggers and opinions clouding her
– And how she coped with the huge surge of attention on her work and the angels during this time.

We are visited by the angels through this conversation and it’s a truly beautiful experience to share with both Shunanda and those listening, to feel and open up to that overwhelming sense of love and support.


Shunanda’s Bio

Angel medium, ascension guide and mother of three Shunanda Scott is passionate about teaching people how to receive the infinitely loving guidance and support of the Angels.

Upon the birth of her second child, Shunanda experienced a spiritual awakening and began learning how to manage her newly discovered intuitive abilities. Shunanda trained for years with mentors, teachers, and the Angels themselves, and now works with starseeds and light workers all over the world from her beach home in Sydney.

The New Angel Messages is a collection of sacred daily Angel transmissions received by Shunanda—each message sent with love to guide humanity through the current collective journey of transformation and awakening.

You can buy Shunanda’s new book and connect with her via her website.

Visit her Instagram here or Facebook page here

Show Notes:

The Magdalene Frequency Day Retreat

Episode 014 with Shunanda Scott

Buy the book: The New Angel Messages



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