The Power Of Energetic Expression When You Feel Unseen And Unheard

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 108 – The Power Of Energetic Expression When You Feel Unseen And Unheard


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In today’s podcast I’m sharing a powerful perspective on expression, following some conversations with my private mentoring clients this week.

When it comes to feeling unseen and unheard in our lives, we tend to centre our need for expression in the throat chakra, igniting this inner child tantrum that often prompts us to want to get louder and demand that others hear us as we speak.

However, I’d like to present the idea that expression of your heart doesn’t only have to be through your voice…

Before we use our words, there is a very clear energetic exchange that happens first on the subconscious, subliminal and spiritual plane. We understand so much before words are even spoken, through facial expression, body language, breath and so on. 

Today’s episode focuses on the suggestion that when feeling unheard or unseen, what if you were to work on refining your expression on the energetic plane first?

In this episode I talk about:

– How to express yourself through the body and the frequency you emit

– How to feel heard without that childish tantrum state of “You will hear me”

– And how to bring your energy right back into yourself and hold your own energy, breath and body in alignment with your truth, without depleting your self by trying to make someone understand you.


Show Notes:

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