Radical Acceptance Begins With You

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 106 – Radical Acceptance Begins With You

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This week on the podcast I’m sharing my personal understanding of unity consciousness and what it means for us to dissolve all separation and truly be in acceptance of everyone’s choices.

There’s no denying that we have all been witness to the separation, judgement and polarity that feels ever present in our world today. However, the solution we’re actually seeking must first start within us and it all begins with radical acceptance.

In this episode I speak to;

– The role of sovereignty within oneself as a springboard into a higher plane of acceptance, love and compassion for others

– The contradictory nature of us all being one, yet with our own unique and individual expressions

– How to begin peeling away at the layers of separation and judgement within ourselves

– The merging process that is the Age of Aquarius, merging the divine here on earth, and how we can begin to welcome it all

– The ripple effect of seeing through the veil of separation and coming to a place of compassion, peace and stillness, both within ourselves and therefore with the world around us.

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Show Notes:

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