Episode #10: The 5 ‘S’s of a Soulfully Centred Mama

Episode #10: The 5 ‘S’s of a Soulfully Centred Mama

In the early week’s and months of life with my little babe back in 2015 I found myself frequently writing notes, musings, diary entries and thoughts into my evernote.

One of these notes was my take on motherhood – particularly the 5 key attitudes and ways of being and navigating through motherhood.

The 5 S’s of a Soulfully Centred Mama soon became my personal ethos, mantras and guidance system. having recently read through this note I felt it important to share this with all of you beautiful mamas out there – papas too and even those without children. This is really supportive for everyone!

In this episode I share:

  • The background story of The 5 S’s
  • How this can be applied to all – mamas/papas but also anyone seeking a conscious, soulful life
  • What the 5 S’s are in summary and in detail
  • The essence of the 5 S’s
  • Surrender and how powerful it can be
  • How sacrifice can be reframed into a positive choice
  • The importance of self-love
  • Embracing the simplicity of motherhood
  • The deliciousness of diving into the sweetness of motherhood

Listen to the episode:

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Show notes:

Check out The Happiest Baby for Dr Karp’s 5 S’s for Soothing Babies. Gentle and effective!

*Apologies, in the podcast I said Dr Sears by accident!


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