Episode #1: Healing Your Shadow with Belinda Davidson

Episode #1 with Belinda Davidson: How to heal your shadow.

If you’ve followed my work over the last few years, you’ll know that our energy anatomy – working with the chakras, energy field – is a passion of mine.

You might also know that one of my spiritual mentors is an incredible woman called Belinda Davidson.

Belinda is a woman that has one foot in this world and one foot in another world.

A mystic; a deeply psychic woman, whose work centres around the Chakras, White Light, Mindfulness and the Shadow.

Belinda has just released her very first book – From Dark to Light; A modern mystics guide to healing the shadow – to rave reviews and HUGE global success.

Not only have I spent the last four years patiently and persistently working with my chakras – after all, as you will discover in our discussion, to change your life you must change your energy – the white light and mindfulness, but I have also embarked on rising, releasing and healing the shadows within.

Earlier this year I attended Belinda’s three-day workshop specifically on The Shadow. To say it was a mind-blowing, life-changing experience would be an understatement. And I hate using phrases like that because they can come across a little trite (and over used!)

But it’s true.

Which is why I just had to chat with Belinda for my very first episode with The Wellness Project Podcast.

I am certain that if you are mystically inclined – you believe in and respect the power of energy and

In this episode we cover:

  • Belinda’s new book and its instant success
  • The healing arc and high vibration of Belinda’s book
  • Your two selves – the dark and the light within us
  • The universe as a spectrum of emotion and vibration
  • Why we are here, as souls; what is our journey
  • What ‘being in flow’ really is
  • My personal and very big shadow release
  • The energy field, medical intuition, the shadow, blockage and ego
  • What does the shadow mean?
  • Why the shadow work is beautiful work
  • The importance of doing the shadow work yourself – the law of free will.
  • The impact you can have by being your luminous self

Listen to Episode #1

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I hope you loved this chat with Belinda. Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts on it all. And don’t forget to give this podcast a 5-star review in iTunes so I can keep on bringing you amazing interviews, insights and chats.

Love + light,



2 Comments to “Episode #1: Healing Your Shadow with Belinda Davidson”

  1. Thanks to your Claire and Belinda, I loved todays podcast and there are definite moments of the conversation which have resonated greatly. I appreciate you both.

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