Chaos Vs Grace: Where there is a NO there is always a YES.

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 097 – Chaos Vesus Grace. Where there is a NO there is a YES


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This episode is taken from an Instagram Live I did which was inspired from THIS post from Instagram. 

When the news that fellow Queenslanders (who have not received the JAB) will face restrictions and essentially be locked out of society (as we are here in NSW and also VIC) I felt to respond to this. Reflection on how – on Planet Polarity – there is always an equal and opposite to every experience, energy and attitude. As the restrictions tighten and we are faced with hearing and feeling the energy of ‘NO’ I raise the question – where and how can you cultivate YES in your life?

Where and how can you tap into GRACE over Chaos. Liberation and freedom over control? Joy over sadness and grief. Love over fear. Surrender instead of stress.

Tune in to this episode and feel into where you currently sit – energetically, emotionally and mentally and how you can amplify and work more with your YES. Remembering there is always a choice.

Show notes:

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