Celebrating Our One YEAR Anniversary on the CC

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 096 Celebrating Our One Year Anniversary On The CC


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It’s been ONE year since we moved into our beautiful little home here on the CC. I can’t actually quite believe we are celebrating this anniversary already.

If you haven’t already please listen to the back story – the manifesting and calling in of this home and relocation. 

This has been a year of so much abundance, ease, flow and joy. Integrating, recalibrating and attuning especially to this home, the land and the nature we are surrounded by. Cycling through the seasons and rooting in.

A year of expansion and growth in my business, through my own awakening of spiritual gifts and talents, in community and connection and so much more.

In this year I have launched three programs, coached countless women, hosted multiple in-person and live workshops, co-facilitated a retreat for the divine Lorraine Murphy. Travelled twice (pre lockdown!). Learnt to garden and grow veggies.

For those of you interested in knowing what I’ve studied/explored over the last 18 months see below. Some of this I’ve been immersed in for longer (and in fact the list is longer than this!) There has also been quite regular Kinesiology, Acupuncture and other forms of self-care.  But I just wanted to honour these people for their contribution to my mind-body-soul growth and healing.

I’m studied Reiki with Jason McGrice, Queen School with Julie Tenner, Deepened my training in Magdalene Frequency, Womb Yoga and Energetics with Ana Otero. Worked with hypnotherapist Rachel Crethar and my own secret weapon Julia Byrne from Soul Mastery. Business Energetics with Brittany Eastman. Marriage Counselling with Sarah Tolmie. Parenting course with Big Little Feelings. Gardening with The Healthy Patch.

Tune in to the rest of the episode to help me celebrate this incredible year.




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