The Rejection Of Our Nature

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This episode is brought to you via my beautiful 3.5 yo boy. This week his sister returned to full time learning at school. I was anticipating alot of push-back and rejection from him, but in fact I witnessed the opposite.

What I witnessed was a return to his innate nature and frequency as he was able to recalibrate after being in her powerful, dynamic and creative energy. A beautiful experience unfolded for them both over the last 4-5 months. They have grown as siblings in countless ways, but my daughter – being the eldest and much more imaginative, wild, creative and persuasive energy – has definitely been the LEO Leader.

My son, this week, has reminded me of the importance of creating time and space daily to be with ourselves, to be true to our own soul frequency, energy, essence. He has also reminded me how easily we allow ourselves to absorbed into someone else’s way/energy/story/ideology and forgetting ourselves in the process.

Fitting in versus going your own way

Rejecting our own nature to flow with the energy of another.

Learning to read our energy and know when it’s time to PLAY, go on adventures, be swept up by another and when it’s time to hold a boundary for ourselves and know when it’s time to ground and be with our own energy and space.


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