Tapping your way out of trauma

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Too much, too soon, too fast. These are the hallmarks of Trauma.

There’s no denying that over the last 18 months we are living through trauma. In varying degrees, each of us is experiencing trauma.

Trauma can often be described as experiencing too much stimulation, to much external distress, unfolding too fast or well before we are prepared for.

If the environment or situation exceeds our capacity (capacity can relate to your own nervous system and bandwidth/window of tolerance) and we feel we can’t process emotionally, mentally, physically, our reaction and our ability to bare through those environments and situations is what equals TRAUMA.

It’s not necessarily THE actual experience (although, of course that is relevant) but how you as an individual and we as a collective move through the experience and how our nervous system (again on an individual level but also the collective) integrates the experience.

My favourite way of thinking about this is to understand that our body through fight/flight/freeze/appease enters an emergency cycle.

If that emergency cycle is not completed it’s like that trauma response is not stuck in our system. Kind of like a broken record going back and forth over the same sound. It’s jarring and we are stuck in a loop where our body may be moving on one direction but our mind and thoughts go in another direction.

We must complete that emergency cycle for our nervous system to return to regulation and quit that ongoing loop.

We end up feeling split. There is a fragmentation and break within our internal coherence leaving us constantly feeling split, distracted, disconnected, disassociated.

Through the Somatic Centred work that I do when approaching healing we must slowly bring these fragmented pieces back together. Slowly repair the inner split. Finish the emergency cycle in our body. Feeling through our body, releasing and discharging energetically and physically, moving the stress out of our system and gently attending to our emotionally, mental and physical health.

Animals complete this beautiful – you may have seen Peter Levine’s work in Somatic Experiencing where he shows how animals will release and discharge the fight/flight/freeze response by shaking to return to a regulated state.

We often don’t get the chance to do this… especially when we are not taught too honour our bodies need to release and respond to trauma. And especially now when the trauma is ongoing and part of our daily life.

“If you want to know which way the wind is blowing look at the sand” AKA if you want to understand how a person is feeling and being look at their body, not at what they are saying/thinking.

So how do we respond too and survive right now as we live through trauma?

There are SO many strategies ppl adopt and I see them daily in real time through client sessions and my own daily life. Some of these strategies are fantastic, others not so much. To some degree they will get you through to the other side, once the ‘trauma’ environment has passed.

However there are other ways to creatively resource yourself that feel more nourishing and can work to continuously DISCHARGE the ongoing fight/flight/freeze/appease response. And leaving you feeling more connected, integrated, cultivating joy through the despair and better equipped to cope.

A few of the main categories of resources are:

Creative – painting and expression

Somatic – Breathwork and Tapping

Grounding – connecting to the earth, time in nature.

Spirituality – meditation, prayer

Containment – self soothing through touch, hugs

Boundaried – setting physical and verbal boundaries

I’m going to focus on a Somatic Resource here – EFT, Tapping. Tapping actually takes us directly into the felt sense experience which helps us to restore and return to calm and balanced state. To return to regulation. To discharge the emergency cycle and break the loop of hyper vigilance, flight, freeze, etc. This is an effective repair of neuro regulation and trauma via the body and our energetic system.

We can return to what Dan Siegel calls FACES – acronym for flexible, adaptive, coherent, energising and stable. This is our regulated nervous system and state of integration in mind-body-soul

Tapping your way out of trauma

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