It’s time to be your own change-maker

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It’s time to be your own change-maker

When we finally face up to the reality that it’s no one else’s responsibility to create change for us AND that true transformation is only possible when we realise that it won’t happen without our own motivation, action and willingness.

No one, no thing is ever going to rock up and say “hey, I did this for you – it’s all cleaned up, changed, better. Just as you asked”.

We all KNOW this – we know that life doesn’t gift you with a clean slate or a new way of being/feeling. Yet the amount of people I work with and talk to who are sitting by, worrying and waiting for things to get better.

It doesn’t work like that.

It’s on you.

YOU are your own change-maker. Taking that first step of divine action is the beginning – it creates an avalanche of change. This should INSPIRE you, not leave you feeling defeated and deflated.

I wish is was easier – starting/hitting the GO button on embodied transformation can feel so awkward, clunky and uncomfortable to begin with. But soon, momentum will follow. Soon those subtle yet potent shifts will become more obvious. Soon you’ll start to experience the fruits of your labour.

I know you’re overwhelmed. I know you are spiralling into intensity, fear, concern. I know that life can feel so hard at times.

However, it’s time. It’s time to start. Take one step towards cultivate the inner shifts you desire. It doesn’t have to be big, bold and dramatic. Small, subtle, manageable steps.

You are the change maker.


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