One Woke Mama – Episode 09 – Differentiating & separating from your child

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Episode 09 – Differentiating & separating from your child

From the moment you find out that you are pregnant, through pregnancy, including birth and beyond you are connected to your child.

You feel one. You breathe in sync. Feel in sync. Think in sync. The connection is unseen but my god is it powerful.

So it’s no surprises that for so many of us mamas it’s an unbearable and unthinkable task to create ‘separation’…But once those newborn days are over and you’d kicked into toddler years there is a shift.

This can be a challenging stage – with all of their big feelings and new experiences to navigate. And how do we navigate those big feelings without letting those feelings become ours? How do we stay different to our children, separate from them and yet still hold space for them?

So what’s the fall out look like for me, when my children receive a NO to their needs? When I simply cannot meet their needs for whatever reason that may be – it’s unsafe, its not suitable for me in that moment, it’s simply not possible.

Or what does it look like when my child is feeling something BIG. Moving through a huge transition?

Dealing with a rejection. A moment of discomfort. A hurt heart.

How do we hold space for our child, allow them to be in and feel and grow through their experience without losing ourselves in it all? How do we create the necessary separation to hold space in the most healthy and powerful and supportive way and NOT get so lost that we cannot see what they are feeling versus who you are and what you are feeling amongst it all.

What triggers this inability to seperate?
How can we foster a healthy attachment AND healthy separation?
Why do we need to question this melting pot we’ve become part of with our children?
What is the way through to the other side – a healthier, more balanced and centred place respectful of each others individuality?

All of this is explored and dissected in episode 09.

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