Get to know me + (I am) The Remedy

claireowellness · Woman Awake: Episode 086 -Get to know me a little more and (I am) The Remedy.

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Get to know me a little more and (I am) The Remedy.

My new online group container is almost here!

(I am) The Remedy

A Sacred Group Container to energetically attune and align your inner world and embody your transformation.  A 6 week live transmission for those ready to be with themselves in a deeper and more potent way.

I’ve sharing loads about (I am) The Remedy via instagram and email over the last week with more juicy goodness to come your way.

Today’s episode is actually from a video I created for those on the waitlist for (I am) The Remedy – I’ve decided to share it with you all because I love you and because it really is a great insight (especially if you’re new here) into who I am, where I’ve come from and what I do. This is so important as your guide in (I am) The Remedyand also to understand what’s driving this new program – what is at the essence of it.


Join the waitlist here to be the first to hear when the doors open + receive the early bird and VIP offer

Show notes:


1. JULY 18h –  ONLINE Virtual Retreat  to expand and elevate – $55 including replay

A virtual retreat to energetically tune up your inner and outer life to meet your potential and embody your wholeness.

Join me as I guide you through a three hour journey  and expect to feel clear, connected, reflection. Open and enlivened yet deeply grounded and embodied. Equipped with new skills. Ready to feel elevated and expanded.

Coming back to wholeness.

+ Open Sacred Circle

+Intention setting and clarity session

+Breathwork and Gentle Somatic based movement

+Ancient Wisdom Technologies, Magdalene Womb Yoga and Energetic Activations

+Energy based Womb Healing

+EFT Masterclass and Group Tapping Circle

+Bliss based meditation



2.IN-PERSON EVENT AUGUST 8th; Inner Alchemy Guided Breathwork and Energy Medicine Journey

A transformational journey to free your mind, feel your body, feed your soul and heal your heart.

Now located in the lush, green surrounds at Bamboo Buddha. A high vibe space with a cosy, private yoga room.

Within you lives the possibility for a powerful, alchemical experience:

+Shift stuck emotions.

+Release fears.

+Unravel and rewrite old stories and limiting beliefs.

+Clear out negative energy.

+Cleanse away and heal old wounds

There is medicine available to you – and it’s the magic kind. And it’s right there, within you.




3. Practical Magic, Spiritual Medicine Membership

For $29 per month enjoy access to a library of practices to support your own awakening, healing and transforming. Mini sessions – breathwork, eft, meditation, mudras, mantras and more.



4. Enquire about my Somatic Life Coaching sessions and programs


A private healing sessions to sweep through, clear out, realign and find your centre. Using breathwork, EFT, meditation and Somatic Coaching, these powerful and profound sessions are designed for a quick tune-up.


5. Self Paced EFT Masterclass – The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom EFT

A mini self-paced course to teach you how to alchemise your emotions and experience freedom from what holds you back through the simple and powerful practice of EFT. Click to learn more and get the ecourse.



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