Unravelling Means You’re Healing: Welcoming in Trauma

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 085 – Unravelling Means You’re Healing: Welcoming in Trauma



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Unravelling Means You’re Healing: Welcoming in Trauma

Here’s something I know to be true – the human body, the incredible minds we have, the way our energy system runs – it’s designed to survive. Thriving is something we have to work out. 

Yes some people are born with a great capacity or tendency to thrive. Perhaps that’s what their soul is here to do – to act as the reminder to us all as to what it looks like to lean into JOY instead of struggle. To choose laughter and happiness over despair and tension.

For most of us, survival comes first and foremost.

Which means when we experience something traumatic in our lives many of us find ways to compartmentalise the memories, that wounding, the pain points. We place them in a corner of our hearts and the crevices of our mind. Our energetic system HOLDS the memory just outside of the body so we can continue functioning onwards. Yes we might easily remember that traumatic memory, but in my work with clients I often see that they feel numb to those memories. Or there is no emotional CHARGE. Or they feel so neutral about it. Which is great – yet most of the time it becomes clear that the numbness and neutrality they feel is their mind-body-souls way of coping with what was a traumatic experience. As in to say – the way to continue on living, surviving and moving forward our brilliant, intelligent, powerful selves found a way to HOLD that trauma back, storing it in the body, filing it away in the mind, neutralising the charge on it so we can cope.


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