Suppressed Rage. Owning your feelings. Being too much.

claireowellness · Woman Awake – Episode 082 – Suppressed Rage. Owning your feelings. Being too much.

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The Full Moon eclipse this week acted as HUGE amplifier for me. Illuminating many a shadow lurking within in – particularly via my relationship with my husband. My husband and I tend to press each other’s buttons during these wild astrological points of time.

My son, acting as the trigger through his behaviour, served to bring a HUGE lesson and realisation to the forefront for me.

A lesson that related to:

  • Owning my feelings – every emotion on the spectrum including anger and rage.
  • Accepting that BEING too much is part of my divine feminine essence and realising that this is not something to judge, heal or change.
  • The destructive web of the patriarchy that has affected the Feminine but also the Masculine
  • The pain that follows when our boys and men are not given space to feel but taught to shut down and suppress.


This episode is a BIG share. Vulnerable. Real. Raw. I share a very wobbly parenting and relationship moment that shone a light on many truths for me and in fact led to an empowered state, a huge upleveling and inner shift.



Show notes:


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