One Woke Mama – Episode 08 – Woke Parenting to Children That We Don’t Own

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Episode 08 – Woke Parenting to Children That We Don’t Own

In Episode 08, inspired by a poem from Khalil Gibran, I explore what it means to be a woke or conscious parenting to children that we don’t own. The idea that are children are from us, but not OURS changes the way we view, treat and respond to our children. It’s a shift in perspective, a paradigm change, that in turns shifts how we show up as parents, mamas. Less telling more asking. Less controlling more suggesting. Less force more flow.

It’s a new idea that has been gaining traction over the years, alongside the parenthood awakening. And it is one that takes effort in living congruently with because it requires us to dismantle our learned beliefs about children, childhood and parenting. This is especially true if we came from a traditional parent-child dynamic where we were required to be seen and not heard, to do as we are told and to stay out of parents way.

Where we were controlled, dictated and governed every step of the way.

*Language Warning – plug in your headphones if around your little ones. There is minimal swearing in this episode, but nonetheless the F-Bomb is there!


Show Notes

The Prophet – Khalil Gibran


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