Step into You- 6 powerful themes from retreat

claireowellness · Episode 074 – Step Into You Retreat + 6 Powerful Themes


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Step into You with these 6 powerful themes from retreat

I’m still integrating what was a MASSIVE upgrade for myself over the last few days in Noosa with @lorraineremarks on retreat

All the years of growth, study, self-healing, exploration, work, motherhood & more came together – like a puzzle you’ve been slowly working on but you weren’t sure what the final image would be.

The event flowed with such magic – it helped that we were on powerful land & cradled by Mama Nature. Lorraine weaved a deep exploration whilst I supported the attendees through their mind-body-soul healing & transformation. This might sound weird to say – but truly I even surprised myself as to what unfolded. 

Through 2 hour practice sessions, Masterclasses & Private Healing sessions – I’m looking at myself differently. Fully embracing the inner Healer, Spiritual Midwife & Intuitive that I am. Flourishing into my Self.

On a personal level, this retreat was truly a HUGE up level for me.

Doing it in collaboration with Lorraine Murphy who is a gun, a beautiful, big hearted women with some amazing ideas, ways of navigating life and business and a genuine desire to serve – also a women who I worked with in pR 11 years ago meant that the experience was balanced, flowed with so much ease and grace and without attempting too our workshops – my energy/movement/meditation sessions in the morning and her life/visioning workshops perfectly matched and supported each other.

It was just magic.

I allowed myself to bring out more of my own gifts, inner wisdom and didn’t hold back on the woo! It was a becoming. I put my f’ing crown on.

And I’m never taking it off.

Now, I wanted to share with you 5 (there were many, but let’s start with 5!) themes from the retreat that I actually feel were universal.

Lorraine will have many more and a different perspective , but these have landed for me this week.

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