10 Life Lessons to My Younger Self

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10 Life lessons to my younger self…

Ok guys, so I recently had a hypnotherapy sessions – more on that in a few weeks – but during this session, I had the opportunity to connect with my 15 year old self. 

We revisited a memory which is clear as day to me, and something I’ve thought of often. 

It’s a memory that I can easily talk about – but I won’t right now as it’s not really the point – but that still holds some charge for me.

It was such a beautiful experience – being an EFT Practitioner trained in a modality called Matrix Reimprinting – I often get the absolutely privilege of supporting my clients in connecting with their inner child, visiting a scene, memory (remember there is no time and space and what we do now within our inner child processes actually affects past, present and future) and then reimprinting a new feeling/emotion/memory. So literally rewriting that moment and how it’s stored in our energy field. 

Now, for me, it was really lovely to be guided through this journey rather than take myself through it. Which isn’t always so easy!

During the sessions I was asked what lessons I wanted to impart. I actually wanted to share what I passed onto my inner child and what has unfolded since then – there have been a few additional “lessons that have come through”

Perhaps some of these might resonate with you. Perhaps not. Either way – I offer these to you as a way to witness healing of our inner child and if they land in your heart today with resonance then it must be for you too. 

Life lesson 1: Try not to make INSTANT, reactionary decisions from your emotions. The thing is, your emotions are actually your guide post. You are a feeling based being. BUT, often, our emotions are triggered by external sources – by someone else, by the impressions of the world around us, by comparing ourselves. If you sit on what is moving through you – just witness the emotion and the instant reaction first – and wait for clarity then you’ll be making a decision based on your intuition. You might still go ahead with that first reaction, and that’s OK, as long as you’ve given your soul a chance to pipe up and throw in its 2 cents. Maybe then you won’t do things flippantly, hurriedly and end up wondering where your integrity went, or feel ashamed of your actions and behaviours.

Your emotions rule, but you must find that middle round – not riding the highs or reacting to the lows. Wait for the stillness and decide from there.

Life lesson 2: You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. Ever. You are worthy simple because you were born, you are alive, you are here. Your worthiness is innate and unchangeable. Every time you try and prove your worth you dim your own light. 

Life lesson 3: You don’t have to liked by everyone, or like everyone. You can and must always be kind, compassionate and lead with love. But not everyone is for you – hold that boundary. Not everyone will love you – that’s OK too. 

Life lesson 4: it’s not your job to keep the peace. It’s ok to ERUPT. It’s ok to rock the boat. It’s ok to fire up and roar in the face of bullies and haters. Don’t be afraid of your power. And power doesn’t equal violent or scary. Power can be silent yet immeasurable. 

Life lesson 5. You will not find yourself by losing yourself in others – in other people, places and experiences. 

Life lesson 6. Don’t settle. Just because it’s come at you – just because it’s showed up whatever the “it” is – doesn’t mean you have to take it and say yes. You can be discerning. 

Life lesson 7: You’ll make a million mistakes. But you’re going to land on your feet. Trust in all the wrong turns. I promise. We turn out a-ok! 

Life lesson 8: Just because you were taught to, you don’t have to lean into suffering. You can choose JOY. You can choose grounded contentment. You can choose a different way. 

Life lesson 9: Don’t be scared. Some people operate from fear. They even dispense their love through via fear. This will actually be the making of you. Other people’s inability to grow, heal and transform will be your life-training. When you want to run away from you, remember, this will be the making of you. 

Life lesson 10: You chose this. You scripted this. You asked for this. Even when it feels wobbly and terrifying, remember, nothing is wasted and all roads lead home. 

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