Scheduling in your Queen time

claireowellness · Season #4 – Episode 070 – Scheduling in your Queen Time


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In this episode I invite you to consider Goddess time/Queen time as an important self care ritual. A way to step out of the masculine energy you’ve been in all day as a mama, woman of the world, running a business, working and being everything to everyone.

Queen time is a concept I first came across through Marianne Williamson many years back – it was during a course called The Aphrodite Way around the Feminine and Masculine Polarity – I also spoke with Julie Tenner on Episode 057 about this. It’s an amazing chat so listen in! 

Queen time or Goddess time as Marianne refers to it is a powerful, simple, self care ritual (that can be anything at all!) supporting you to drop into your FEMININE and experience the deliciousness of being in receivership.
Today’s podcast is a simple reminder to you to make this a priority.
As a gift to you – and to support your QUEEN TIME – at the end of the podcast I share a delicious ‘Cleansing and Releasing Under The Full Moon’ meditation. Which is perfect as we are currently under the Leo Full Moon and is a wonderful excuse for some Goddess time.
Draw yourself a hot bath or lay under the light of the full moon and enjoy this episode and meditation. You absolutely deserve it.

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