One Woke Mama – Episode 07 – Bravery and Motherhood with Katie Dean

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

Episode 07 – Bravery and Motherhood with Katie Dean

In Episode07 I have the pleasure of diving into motherhood, bravery, courage and facing our fears (which come up so often as mums!)with the incredibly authentic, down to earth and inspiring Katie Dean.

We dive into what personal fears and struggles motherhood has amplified and intensified for Katie. And specifically what motherhood has asked Katie to heal and shine a light on. Which we can all relate to!

We also touch on what FEAR might look like for you, when it shows up and the flip side to that – bravery and courage.

Most importantly we explore why, as mamas, we must be brave and step up to the ‘Woke’ challenge that motherhood throws down.


About Katie Dean

Katie Dean has thrown the rule book out the window and the world loves her for it. She’s an international best-selling Author, motivational maven and the woman you want in your late-night group chats. A rouge at heart, Katie is best described as a mindset mechanic, a researcher on how to debunk fear and is here to shine a light for women seeking confidence, clarity and courage.

Her best-selling book Becoming Brave has changed lives all over the world and she’s set to do it again with her second novel, ‘Messy’. Through her booked out coaching, national speaking tours, brand new Podcast, Simply Complicated and loved up writing she is hell bent on lighting people up laughing inappropriately and living her truth, even if it is wildly messy. As a Solo Mumma to two beautiful boys, the absolute loves of her life she’s no stranger to chaos.

With a refreshingly no BS approach, she engages with her warmth, humour, worldly insights and tools to take her audience on an epic path of bravery, empowerment and self-discovery.


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