The Journey of Manifesting Our New Home

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claireowellness · Season #3 – Ep063 – The Journey of Manifesting our new home

If you’ve been part of my orbit for a little while, you’d maybe know that we as a family have been hunting for our family home.

We decided, around 3 years ago to leave Sydney and find a home in the Central Coast. 1.5hrs out of Sydney – super close but much more affordable and close to many incredible beaches, reserves, waterways and national parks.

Out priced here in Sydney. My husband dreamed of a home and backyard and my deal breaker is that I must be within 10 minutes drive from the beach. Currently, living in the incredible Coogee Beach, only a 8 minute walk to the beach and shop – having grown up here it felt sacrilegious to raise my children away from the ocean.

So it was decided – I would rather leave Sydney for the shores than find a house/home somewhere else in Sydney with traffic and long car ride between us and the ocean.

This episode explores the journey we’ve been on in manifesting and calling in this new home and new chapter of our lives. I promise you, it’s been no small feat. Loads of inner work, challenges and plenty of WTAF moment.

I’ve let go, I’ve controlled, I’ve fought back, I’ve come undone a little, I’ve become apathetic, i’ve stopped caring, I’ve fired up. I’ve discussed this with my guides, with healers and mentors and friends …. like I said, a JOURNEY.

But here we are. 6 weeks away from a new adventure. Many questions have come and gone and now I have peace, surrender and excitement pulsing in my veins.



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