Learning to Surrender to Sensory Processing Disorder

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claireowellness · Season #3 Episode 060 – Learning to Surrender to Sensory Processing Disorder


I’ve had a long standing relationship with Surrender.

The dance between learning to let go, to surrender and accept began for me many years ago. I even wrote an eBook about it.

And as the saying goes we often teach what we most need to learn ourselves – which means I’ve beautifully attracted many experiences, clients and situations to deepen my relationship with surrender.

I’ve explained to many who have been willing to listen that Surrender is not about giving up. It’s not about waving the white flag and calling it quits – handing yourself over to whomever/whatever because you just can’t anymore.

Nope, surrender to me represents the path of least resistance. It represents a deeper spiritual exploration into why something is happening as it is, what lesson is there for you within that, and how you can move in a state of flow and acceptance with what is.

Less objecting, more accepting,

That doesn’t mean that you can’t take action, make a change, respond to something or someone that may be creating a trigger. You are meant to show up to your life, pay attention , take action, move forward, be intentional. And sometimes that doesn’t feel or look easy-breezy. No, sometimes that can feel like deep suffering, incredibly challenging and full of pot holes that we trip up over. However, learning to bring in a sense of surrender and acceptance within the trials of your life can bring about an inner sense of trust. Of knowing all that is unfolding is the perfect situation for your growth, for a future that is being woven in this very moment.

In this episode, I share about the diagnosis of Sensory Processing Disorder with my daughter Soleil and all that it has brought up to the surface. How once again the experience of Surrender has been the central element to my ability to show up for her and be in this journey together.

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