Conversations with Mary Magdalene: an interview with Ana Otero

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claireowellness · Season #3 – Ep059 – Conversations with Mary Magdalen – interview with Ana Otero


This episode with Ana Otero; writer, teacher, dancer, lover of all creative expressions is a deep-dive into her relationship with Mary Magdalene and all that she is here to activate within us and teach humanity.

It’s a conversation for those ready to work more with the Magdalene energy and to activate the Divine Feminine energy within themselves.

Mary Magdalene as the Cosmic Divine Feminine and is here to activate a return to our soul – which is a Holy Communion with the Divine Feminine and a move inwards instead of outwards.

MM is an amazing teacher of Sacred Humanity. Her teachings are wide, varied and powerful holy work.

She is the path of unification, via the womb, which takes us through a journey via The Feminine. This journey will lead us into a unity – bringing heaven down here onto earth.


In this episode we cover:


+ Ana’s Catholic background and her early connection Mother Mary and search for The Divine Feminine

+ Ana’s Dark Night Of The Soul and the sudden loss of her husband

+ How Mary Magdaelene began appearing to Ana

+ How MM communicates with Ana – writing, sound and visions

+ Why embodying MM’s teachings is important

+ What MM shares with Ana and why

+ Why MM will not show up to Ana or anyone else if we aren’t in receptivity

+ How we enter into a state of receivership

+ Why Daily Maintenance within our Spiritual Practice is food for the soul

+ Pregnancy and other times of grounding creates more opportunity for channeling and opening up to higher vibrations

+ How the womb opens up the crown chakra

+ My personal experience with MM during a time of deep spiritual work

+ What MM has activated in me since I first “saw” her

+ Why being grounded in the body is so vital for our spiritual journey – our sacred temple

+ MM is the Feminine Christ arriving via vibrational energy

+ The duality of the feminine which ultimately calls forward unification – this is the key message from Mary Magdalene

+ Why MM is “hardwork” and represents the shadow – not just Love and Light – and will take you to the darkness.

+ Why MM is reawakening within so many of us – taking us back into soul

+ What MM represents for us within the collective and relates to our current reality as we wake up, the light intensifies

+ Why Humanity cannot have a “c-section” and bypass the “contractive” state we are in

+ MM, her relationship with Yeshua, as a mother and her role in his teachings/work but also her own work

+ How we can start working with and connecting to Mary Magdalene

+ Motherhood as a rite of passage – feminine wisdom activation

+ The power of the womb

+ The different ways to work with Ana through courses, training and form

+ Listen out for the moment when I see a spirit (or something?!) in my living room as I’m recording!


About Ana Otero


Ana Otero is a Writer, Dancer and Lover of all Creative Expressions. She is the Creator and Director of Mary Magdalene Mystery School®, a Temple of Mystical Art where we remember how to create our world from the Sacred, following the  teachings of Mary Magdalene and her Sacred Lineage of the Spiral of the Rosa Mística.

Ana Otero started channeling directly Mary Magdalene in 2011 after a very dark night of the soul and since then her life has been dedicated to follow and teach the path of awakening through the teachings and presence of Mary Magdalene. Holding a PHD in Dance Movement therapy and living the life of a yogic scientist, she has co-created with the channelings of Mary Magdalene an advanced technology of Movement Meditations, Body Work and Sacred Toning.

Her book El Camino de los 6 Pétalos – The Path of the 6 Wombs, written in Spanish will be published in English in June 2020.  She has just published her second book Conversations with Mary Magdalene which  in Spanish and  in English. Ana is based in Madrid Spain and offers workshops internationally as well as online trainings. 


Connect with Ana Otero:




English Website

Youtube Channel



Mary Magdalene Mystery School


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