The greatest act of self-love is to let yourself get unhinged. 



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claireowellness · Season #3 – Episode 058 – Sometimes the greatest act of Self-Love is to let yourself be unhinged.

How do you feel about letting yourself get unhinged? Untethered – lost in your emotions for just a few moments. Howling, crying, sobbing, trembling with emotion and sensation.

Have you ever allowed the feeling within you to be fully felt, expressed and released – safely of course and without harming anyone else?

What if I told you that I considered one of the greatest acts of Self Compassion and Self Love to be just this – getting unhinged, allowing yourself to FEEL and honouring the release of energy and emotion that your body is crying out for.

Does that make you uncomfortable or excited?

Listen in to this episode to hear a few personal stories of when this has happened to me, and exactly WHY I believe it’s so valuable to honour our feelings.


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