The art of feminine embodiment, energy and relationship with Julie Tenner


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claireowellness · Season #3 – Ep 057 – The art of feminine embodiment, energy and relationship with Julie Tenner


This journey of awakening is an interesting one. Once you start opening up to a more conscious existence everything previously in the shadows (and not always at the same time) comes forward. To be healed, to be lit up, to be transmuted.

That’s what growth is. And it’s often uncomfortable but it is within that discomfort that true transformation lives.

You know this about me by now – I love me some shadow work.

So when I started to feel the nudge to look at my sexuality and sensuality, to look at my relationship with my husband and to dive into this untapped resource of Divine Feminine Energy that IS who I am, well it’s opened me up to a whole world. A game of energy exchange, of working with the Divine Feminine and Masculine within and of Julie Tenner.

Julie Tenner is a woman like no other. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing her work in many different ways but recently I embarked on her 5-day Flowers and Honey course which explored the sexual/sensual art of energy exchange within relationship (with your partner, family, children and beyond – stay with me, this is not about having SEX with everyone, it’s about harnessed our inner sexual energy!)

I’ve since become a member of Julie’s HONEY CLUB to take these learnings deeper. Why? Because since becoming a mama and moving into all that this powerful role entails a huge part of me has changed, quietened, dampened.

I’m no longer the sexually open and free woman of my 20s and early 30s. I struggle like many mamas to switch from mum mode to sexy goddess ravishing diva for my husband. I don’t want the same things. I’m often squashed under a myriad of things to do, thoughts, worries and concerns for my family. I’m often lost in the domesticity of mum-life and the constant evolution of biz life.

Any of this ring a bell?

I was noticing an icy energy between my husband and I. I was noticing a lot of blaming and disconnection. I was noticing a shift from being in-love and absolutely obsessed with him to being in the grind of parental partnership.

And here’s the thing. I saw that in my parents. I witnessed their disgust and frustration for each other for years. I was privy to their utter contempt for each other. Their unmet needs, their uncommunicated desires. Their feelings of not being loved the way they deserved.

And I DO NOT want that. I do not want to experienced that, to repeat that pattern and to pass that down the generational line.

So change begins here.

2+ years postpartum, baby making years are over but I want delicious love making years ahead. I want the creative energy within to be reawakened. I want the fire and passion that a sensual life delivers. Not just in the bedroom but how it spills into all areas of life.

When we feel dry and sterile that is clearly reflected in our life. It’s got to the point where I cannot ignore it anymore. I’ve had body stuff to heal. I’ve got breastfeeding to finish. I’ve got energy to reawaken.

I’m fresh on this journey, but many signs have been directing me to reawaken my Kundalini Energy with my marriage, within my body, within my life



In this episode we cover:

+ Who is Julie Tenner and what does she do.

+What is an energy practitioner and how Julie works ‘energy’

+Why working with this energy so important for us as women and mamas

+What is feminine embodiment

+The masculine and feminine polarity

+Common ‘things’ Julie witnesses in women who are not currently tapping into their sexual/sensual energy

+Julie’s favourite Pleasure Practices – where these originate and how can one learn how to harness these.

+Why Julie believes that sex/sensuality and pleasure are not seperate experiences and are integral to our experience as woman, mothers and in relationships

+and so much more!



About Julie Tenner:

Julie Tenner is an experienced facilitator of deep women’s work, a naturopath, doula and mother of four, who teaches women how to love wider, feel safe in surrender, and open to their untapped power.

With over 15 years experience working in women’s physical and emotional health, Julie believes pleasure is the missing ingredient to awakening women from the inside out.  Bringing a distinctive combination of knowledge, infused with heart and soul, Julie reaches women all over the world via her podcast ‘Nourishing The Mother’, Women’s Circles, Ceremony and transformational online programs.

Julie will revolutionise the way you relate to yourself, and the ones you love, bringing deeper connection and richer intimacy.



Connect with Julie:





Show notes:


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