Clear Vision for 2020. What is your declaration under this Full Moon?




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claireowellness · Season #3 – Episode 056 – Clear Vision for 2020. What is your declaration under this Full Moon?



Do you have a clear vision of what you desire? Do you know where you are heading and which direction you want to travel?

Sometimes I have trouble gaining clarity – I’m so in the present moment of my reality. Motherhood brings us so quickly into each moment. Children demand that. And I’m grateful for this lesson that motherhood has delivered. Be here NOW.

However, what I’ve noticed over the years, and especially over the last 6 years within the delicious depths of parenting, that if I’m not intentional about what I want then I often feel a little untethered.

Questions I find I need to hone in on are:

+where I am going

+what do I desire and with whom

+what is important to me

+what is no longer important to me and why?

+what and I ready to cultivate and create

+ what feels good?



This is not to be in a forceful place of creation, of being in the doing constantly. Sometimes, when we drop into our Divine Feminine Energy being in flow, spontaneous, present is simply delicious. And in fact I welcome that more and more as I age. However, in order to fully surrender into that energy I do need a container, a structure around me. Guiding posts, signposts, directions. This structure creates freedom.

As I write/record this we are about to hit the third eclipse and Full Moon. We have just past the Winter Solstice – although here in the Southern Hemisphere we are still very much in winter we are now traverse, ever so slowly out of the darkness and back towards the light that is Spring and Summer.

At this half way point I often feel called to review. To gain 20-20 vision (which is pertinent considering this year has brought MUCH light to our previously poor vision on many fronts).

I’d like to provide you with a really beautiful, simple practice for tuning in to your inner intentions, to clarify what your declaration is to self. And to learn to embody the essence of this.

It’s a somatic practice and one I share with many clients.

First we centre in our Length, Width and Depth.

Then we tune in to our guiding principle, our heart space, our soul. We get clear – What or Who is important to me? What is for my highest good? What matters to me most, right now? What intention, vision, commitment is coming forward.

From there we bring into our body the literal SHAPE of that vision. If you were to SHOW me in your body how it looks when you are holding the SHAPE of this intention and vision, what would that look like?

Bring that shape forward. Embody it. Literally. Adjust your breath. Your posture. Your facial expression.

Find the essence of that. And then call forward ONE word that summarises that intention or declaration. ONE word that allows you to instantly gain the felt sense of it.

Now here’s the daily practice. Of course, you can create lists and action points of HOW you will move forward with this declaration. That is your Divine Masculine at play here. Beautiful. We absolutely must take action to make our visions a reality. But what I want to leave you with is this practice – let that WORD become a mantra that you call forward throughout your day. Whilst washing the dishes. Playing with your kids. Driving your car. Attending to colleagues and your work requirements. And when you do bring that mantra forward let your body follow suit. Reshape yourself-  in posture, breath, expression and even the emotions that match it – to embody the essence.

FEEL IT. Carry it in your soma. Let your body meld and merge around and within that essence.

This is a way of manifesting. You are raising your vibration to match that which you want by embodying it. You are raising your emotional vibration to match what you are intending, what you desire, what your 2020 vision is.

And when it lives in your body, you then support your brain to carve our new neural pathways that match it. These pathways change how you are able to take action, move forward, commit, show up.

I’ve included a (relatively rough) recording here for you to listen and hear what this cantering practice is like. It’s from a client session (it only includes my voice, not my client) and is a great follow on.

It is a short DAILY practice that will guide you into embodying the essence of the quality/intention you want to manifest and become.


Tune in HERE for the Cantering Practice.

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