Unlearning and Relearning. Becoming anti-racist.


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claireowellness · Season #2 – Episode 054 – Unlearning, Learning. Becoming Anti-Racist


What a year it has been.

Each time I’ve move to a different level of awakening, of consciousness, something else explodes within the collective to show me where I am not awake. Where I need to pay attention, to do more to show up. As a mama, this is important to me. The children I raise, the world they will play and work in, the values, ideas, impressions I leave them with.

From our Global Climate Crisis

To handling a pandemic and the truths coming out from that experience.

To the lies we are constantly handed by government, big pharma.

From the whisperings of our civil liberties being removed and vaccines being enforced… and so on.

We’ve been bitched slapped to wake the F up, haven’t we?

And now we are here –  with the global collective attention on Anti-Racism. And let me be clear, when I say “now we are here”… I am in no way implying this is a NEW issue.

I know it’s hundreds of years in the making. You know it too.

But the world has been forced to pay attention. And as far as I can see, the world is. What matters for me though is that I am waking up.

I really want to to talk about today is Racism… I know this is uncomfortable. I know you probably feel like turning off the episode right now. Please, I ask you not to. I’m not here in judgment, or finger pointing. How can I be? I am a white woman in a western world.

Ok, before we begin I want to lay out all of my worries and concerns.

I want to be an ally. But I’m unlearning and learning a lot at the same time. 

I want to scream and rage and share my despair on how many black, indigenous people and cultures have been treated. But I can’t, that’s not my place. 

I want to promote and support Australian Aboriginal businesses and people. But I also don’t want to be performative and showy about it.

We are hearing all this guidance… be an ally. Pay attention. Share. Promote. Follow. Donate. But don’t do it perfomatively. Don’t do it to be seen to do it.

Do it authentically, do it from you heart. Unlearn. Relearn. Get educated. Be genuine.

Why am I sharing this? 

I’m in NO WAY getting on the poor me/poor us. As a white woman, I don’t really know the suffering that POC have experienced. I just don’t. I may never truly be able to empathise, although I will try my hardest.

I am sharing all of that for FULL disclosure that I am confused. That I deeply care. That I don’t want to get it wrong. That I’m eager to make change, but unsure how.

Here’s the thing.

I’ll be confused for a long time.

I will always care. 

I WILL get it wrong.

Change is going to be slow.

But the only way is for me to get in the arena. In some way. 

I know it begins with myself, my mindset, my attitudes and perceptions. It also begins at home in the conversation I’m having with my children.

And then it must filter into my community, my friends and so forth.

And it must filter into my business too. 

With all of that said I want to share something more personal – my personal experience of racism and how I now see it through a new lens – how I can see that although I once labelled myself anti-racist, I now know that I was now and am ready to learn how to be.

I’ve got work to do. So much work to do. I have a child who is absolutely obsessed with the Aboriginal People and their culture. Literally, she role plays Aboriginal games and stories. She, in her own way, is demanding I support this love, this connection, this truth.

It’s brutal and it’s tough, but necessary.

I can’t lay out a clear pathway for this journey. It’s yours to walk. I’ve shared some resources in the show notes. There are COUNTLESS on instagram. Start following some key voices, share, do the work. Please don’t click, read, feel something, share and do nothing. SHARE away but do the inner work. Take SOME action. One thing at a time. In your own way. However it is best for you.


Show notes:


Anti-Racist Resources: A compilation of resources to support your unlearning/learning journey


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