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claireowellness · Season #2 Ep 053 – Episode 053 – Your Breath Is Your Ally with Helle Weston from The o2 Awakening



First and foremost, I began this self-growth journey as a yogi. Yoga is what began me on this spiritual path of awakening. 

I’ve spent the better part of the last 13 years within the yogic space in some way, shape or form.That shape and form as definitely morphed and evolved as I have.

I no longer teach yoga full time like I used to, but over the 5-6 years where teaching was a central and core component of my life I was a student and guide of pranayama.

Pranayama – the discipline and practice of breath work – is a component of yoga that I feel takes you deeper within yourself, more than any other pose can.

It is threaded into the physical practice of yoga, and over time, becomes a seperate and powerful/potent practice all of its own.

I’ve never left the breath, but learning to breath in different ways over the years for different experiences has been a vital part of my growth. Breathing through labour, breathing through triggering moment with my children.

Last year when I began my Trauma and Somatic /Embodiment training a very big component was and still is breathwork – it is a powerful resource for healing trauma, for embodiment and somatic work.

So I began diving back into my previous lessons, teachings and breath work practices. I decided to take up some breath work training (mostly just for me, but hey nothing I do is ever contained to just me, it always spills out into my work – if I love something I have to share it!)

I’ve been feeling (and ignoring) the pull to bring breathwork back into my work for sometime. But the feeling was getting stronger. 

I love teaching yoga, but I always knew it was only going to be one element of my journey… and that there was another layer.

When I think back to the many times that I walked out of a yoga training or class and felt grounded, aligned, connected – in all honesty it was down to the very conscious breathing.

Yes the poses and opening my body and strengthening myself in every way was vital and important and felt amazing. And still is a cornerstone of holistic wellness… but it was always the breath. 

Especially for someone like me who was never modelled good breathing (my mother used to breath hold during times of stress) and who therefore did the same thing – my sister often reminded me to BREATH.

Now, it was at The o2 Awakening with Helle and Lukis in february that I had one of the most beautiful, cathartic, godly experience. I’ve had experiences like this before, but this was different. Because throughout the experience I often received the download – teach this. learn this. do this more, more, make this part of you life. 

And when I explored what this was  – I heard “BREATHE”.

February was a big month of healing. I knew it would be, the stars just aligned to provide me with experiences to facilitate healing in a truly somatic way (through and from the body).

So once covid-19 hit I continued on with the o2 awakening’s online course. And loved their daily practice. I also began to take myself through my own breath work journey’s 60 minutes, solo – and have felt such a sense of grounding. Deep peace. Calm. Understanding and insight ever since.

Today I invite you, with a hot cup of cacao to listen in with all your heart and soul.

Let’s breathe together, – 3 big sighs. And I invite you to do so many times during this interview – so you can integrate what Helle is sharing. So you can take it into your cells and let your body decide if breathwork is for you to explore.



In this episode we cover:

      1. The backstory that covers how Victoria, Helle and Lukis came together to form The o2 Awakening.
      2. Helle’s childhood experiences and her gifts. The trauma and emotional pain she experienced that led her down her own path of healing and awakening.
      3. What Helle originally thought breathwork entailed and what actually happened.
      4. How Helle and Lukis discovered Breathwork.
      5. The divine guidance that created The o2 Awakening.
      6. The beauty of shadow work for transformation, healing and what it actually is via the lens of the breath
      7. What breathwork actually is as a tool and how it can support you
      8. What the Conscious Connected Heart Breathing is and how to do it.
      9. Why mouth breathing is a therapeutic tool but not for your ongoing daily breath.
      10. How the breath affects the brain, the subconscious mind and your body.
      11. The heart as a doorway to meet yourself exactly as you are – the seat of unconditional love and compassion
      12. What you can expect from The o2 Awakening style of breath work from union with god, higher guidance, physical healing, cathartic release, energy clearing, and so much more.
      13. How breath can help you access deep connected states, shift your state of being permanently rapidly. Moving from theory to embodying a new way.
      14. Helle’s own breathwork journey experience
      15. Why it’s important and safe to show up for yourself through your breath.
      16. Breathwork and Trauma – how breathing can support deep healing for both small and big trauma experiences.
      17. The o2 Daily Breathwork Practice, Online Course and Live Workshops
      18. and so much more!

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