Your Cosmic Numerology Blueprint with Veronica Clarke

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claireowellness · Season #2 – Episode 051 – Discover Your Cosmic Numerology Blueprint With Veronica Clarke

Earlier in the year I was feeling lost, confused, needing clarity and direction. I’ve been in the depths of transition for 5+ years and as I was slowly climbing my way back out of it I now found myself wondering – Who am I? What am I here to do? Where to from here? What am I really about?

For a multi-passionate, multi-layered individual like me it can feel quite confusing, discombobulating and exhausting to find direction and clarity.

Cue Veronica Clarke from Her Realm. A friend on instagram (thank YOU Katie Dean) shared her experience with the Cosmic Numerology Blueprint Reading she’d had with Veronica.

I felt a a FULL bodied yes. And although it took almost 8 weeks to receive my reading (she’s THAT good and THAT booked out) it was exactly what I needed.

In today’s chat with Veronica we cover:

        1. How Veronica become a specialist in Cosmic Numerology
        2. Numerology and what it is.
        3. The 5 Cosmic Frequencies – or threads – that make up the fabric that is you
        4. The shadow and light of numbers.
        5. How our blueprint influences our life
        6. Blueprint readings for your children and why they are so supportive
        7. How these readings can help you gain clarity, reconnection and guidance
        8. The power of numbers on repeat
        9. Choosing the numbers we need for our soul’s purpose, path and expression.
        10. And so much more!

You are going to LOVE this episode. Dive in and enjoy it!


About Veronica Clarke


Veronica is an intuitive, creative mama that is committed truth and to an ever expanding journey of Inner soul awakening.  She is passionate about supporting others to step into the recognition of their fullest souls potential and magic this lifetime and to operate from this space with confidence.

She uses the lense of numerology to offer guidance and support for those ready to understand themselves from this higher energetic and soul perspective. Her numerology readings have served many as a catalyst for greater clarity, understanding and a further alignment with their unique souls journey.

These readings have also been popular to support parents in understanding their children’s unique soul coding and the best way they can support their childrens fullest blossoming. She understands that every step we can each take on our path of awakening and aligning with our hearts truth is contributing to our collective shift in consciousness at this incredible time on the planet.

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