Consciously Choosing How You Direct Your Internal Energy

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claireowellness · Season #2 – Episode 050 – Consciously Choose How You Direct Your Internal Energy


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but I’m deep into Somatic Coaching training and Breathwork training. And there has been this beautiful, common teaching over the last couple of weeks around our INTERNAL AWARENESS.

Let me start here by highlighting something. As a mama, I can see that we often, without intending too, pull our children out of the body and into their head. We almost demand that they THINK through their feelings, emotions, experiences. We demand that they use their mind CONSTANTLY to discern, understand, grow. Of course, the mind is powerful and necessary. It’s how we learn many important skills. We use our mind constantly. However, the problem with our obsession with the mind and our constant encouragement to our children to use their mind is that it prevents us from learning how to listen to the other cornerstones within our internal awareness – Emotions AND Felt Sense/Sensation.

Then, these children (just as we have) will inevitably grow into being quite heady. Disconnected from body, from heart. From trusting their emotions, their physical sensations, their intuitions.

What’s almost comical about this, as my teacher Dan Brûlée highlights (and many other teachers I’ve had when learning about the brain/neuroscience/trauma) children are predominantly in their right brain/sub conscious mind for the first few years. It’s actually incredibly challenging for them to constantly be in a thinking state. Feeling states are their normal. Yet we push them to jump into their head and overload them with mental information. We present what is right, wrong, normal, abnormal. We teach our children (can you see this in yourself) that the mind is the guide, the leader, the default place for our attention.

I’m pondering now on how different the world might be if we were all taught to honour our internal awareness from all sides – our thoughts, feeling sensations and emotions. How that would change our sense of wholeness, aliveness and the SHAPE of who we are in mind, body, spirit, soul. How we make decisions, show up in the world, connect with source energy, connect with our world and those in it.

All thoughts, feeling sensations and emotions are forms of energy. We have the ability to choose where our attention goes to within our internal awareness which is made up of our thoughts, feeling sensation and emotions.

You can choose to get stuck in the loop. Or you can choose to interrupt that cycle, that loop, otherwise it will spread and overwhelm. What if you can chose, despite the pain, or despite the incessant thoughts, or despite the overwhelming emotion to bring your attention gently elsewhere. To choose another way through. To calmly notice without judgment. Breathe. Drop the tension. Shift your awareness. Take the story out of it.

You are not denying, ignoring or suppressing the pain, the emotions, the experience. No you are just choosing, consciously, where to bring your focus and attention on your internal awareness and therefore your outward daily experience. Just as I attempt to do when supporting my children through their experiences.

You are exploring feelings and thoughts and even sensations that unconsciously drive your behaviour.


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