One Woke Mama – Episode 043 – When you have no reference point for all you are experiencing 

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama – Episode 043 – When you have no reference point for all you are experiencing

Ok, here’s the thing. In my 38 years on Planet Earth, I have never experienced a Global Pandemic. Ever. So I’m going to guess that you haven’t either.

With the current global climate, I’ve been experiencing all the myriad of emotions. From hope, joy, insane levels of gratitude. Feeling blessed and deeply reverent. Swinging to the other side – anxious, tense, wound up, heart-achey, sore, bruised, worried, concerned, heart broken.

You too?

I know it, because I’ve spent the last week hosting a free private Facebook – The 7 Days of Emotional Alchemy – sharing delicious practices to support more than 250 people across this beautiful earth of ours.

And so many of those inside this group, my friends, clients, family members are expressing the same thing – the overwhelm, the intensity, the uncertainty, the instability. These emotions are felt, for most of us, to a depth and ferocity that we’ve never felt before. They are also coming thick and fast. Ahh, deep breaths!

In a recent mentoring session my client uttered some words that really struck home… “I’ve never experienced this before. I have no reference points for this…”

And god, I get it. Mostly, as we move through our human experience we often look for a point of reference to help us “cope”… we look back at previous experiences and stories within our memory to be reminded of HOW to show up. WHAT to do, and even WHY it’s happening.

So what now then? If we no longer have a point of reference because we’ve never experience anything remotely close to this, then how exactly do we KNOW what to do, think, say… how to be?

We are blessed to our the online world to rally each other, offer support, be in this together. But really, there aren’t other ways to externally resource. We are figuring it out as we go along. Moment by moment. Change by change.

This can often make us feel suffocated. It can be hard to breathe under the weight of uncertainty and the perceived lack of security, control and support.

But my loves, I’d like to present something to you. That is NOT an old idea. In fact, it’s ancient wisdom – many of our longest spiritual teachings have touched on this truth.

And that truth is that you already have all you need within you.

When you come into stillness, connect to your higher guidance and your spiritual support team you will be reminded that you are the physical manifestation of LOVE. You are the actual opposite- in mind, body and soul – of fear. That abundance, joy, love, contentment, gratitude are the threads of DNA that make you, you.

In times of stress, more than ever, we need to remember to stand under the never-ending flow of love, resilience, inner security and connectedness. It’s your truth. It’s the truth. It’s exactly how to feel into certainty in uncertain times. The tap is always on. Just stand under it.

This sounds so woo and whishy-washy…I know. I know. But here we are, the world is imploding (in a way!) and we are being FORCED to review the way we think, how we feel, how we show up in the world. What we value, and what we consider to be real and true.

If we are to let our ego guide the way, of course, we’ll forget who we truly are (divine, infinite beings direct from source) and we’ll function through this experience from our ego-state; believing we a singular individuals, disconnected from the divine, left to our own vices and believing that we are at the mercy of whatever life throws at us. Affected to the very core of our being – the external world the only measure of who we are, what we are worth.

So here’s a reminder. Your ego serves you – in times of crisis it acts to save you. Survival mode operandi. But it is NOT YOU. It is a part of your human psyche. But it is NOT YOU.

Your ego seeks to find love, security, abundance, self-worth, joy, happiness from all things external. Your job, your friendships, lovers, your clothing, what you own and do, and who you are. Accolades and celebrations for you, because of you and what you do/create/offer.

Your truth, your soul, your divine self doesn’t seek for any of that. It is already all of that. It need not look without because within you is all that you could ever truly need and want.

So here we are unable to tap into a previous human experience that will resource us through this experience, which means you must look deep within, back to your truth. Back to the spiritual you – reconnect there. Come back home. Call on THAT part of you (the real, whole you) to armour up with love and expand your bandwidth to hold space through this. You will no longer feel you are in survival mode, and ready to fight your way through this, but instead willing to surrender into it, accept what is, take action where needed, and ride the waves (because as a spiritual being that is precisely what you came here to do!)


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Love and light

Claire x

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