One Woke Mama – Episode 040 – Healing the heart from the shadows within (meditation!)

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama – Episode 040 – Healing the heart from the shadows within (meditation!)

February has been a month of deep, somatic healing for me. I had a sense that it would be ‘big’ for me in some way – but I hadn’t anticipated the body-based healing I would experience (the first was the KaHuna Massage – see episode 038 and the second was a breathwork workshop – more to come on that soon).

My heart has been doing a lot of releasing; deep shadows and blocks from within. Ancient hurts and wounds. Broken dreams and heartache. The what and why of it all is truly irrelevant. I’ve simply followed what my soul has wanted to do, to release and to feel.

Today’s episode is in line with how I am feeling at the moment – I’m called to meditate on my heart and flood it with love and light; releasing block and shadows. One at a time.

I hope you enjoy this healing heart meditation – one I created for my Om Mama Love members and is now available for you to purchase as a downloadable bundle – get it HERE;

Please carve out the time for this 12 minute practice. It’s simple. It’s beautiful. It’s profound. And beautiful mama, I’m sure that you need it! (Because we ALL need healing.)

Love and light

Claire x

Listen to Episode 040:

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