One Woke Mama – Episode 035 – Re-parenting your inner child through disallowed joy, excitement and fulfillment

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama – Episode 035 – Re-parenting your inner child through disallowed joy, excitement and fulfillment

Let’s talk about Inner Child work. We all have inner child wounds.

We have many “inner children’ within – different versions of ourself at different ages and stages, split off and caught/frozen in that energy, attitude, behaviour, feeling, wounding.

This is true for all of u.

Whether we have experienced trauma that is classified as a major life event, something that completely redirected the path of your life – we call this BIG T Trauma; something happened that was too much too soon or too fast.

Or even if you experienced those everyday, small T trauma experiences… the daily hurts and unmet needs.

Let’s not feel distressed about that – these inner children are beautiful teachers and guides. They want to be brought up and healed. And it’s not something you can force.

When that part of you is ready to reveal itself, come to the surface and be seen, it means you are now ready to face it and provide healing.

That’s why for so many of us motherhood triggers many of our inner shadows. The child or many versions of the child within you, comes to the surface via the experience of parenting your own children.

It’s spectacular. Often so challenging and at times painful, but beautiful nonetheless.

Why? Because we get to reparent ourself.

In doing so. We heal that wounded child within and redirect the course of our life, how we show up daily, our experience of motherhood, womanhood and LIFE.

From there this redirects and shifts how YOU PARENT your own child. Shaping a more positive pathway for your little one, and in doing so positively shaping the impact your child has on this world.

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