One Woke Mama – Episode 034  – Why we cannot avoid struggles and challenges, but we can show up spiritually in the face of hardship.

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama – Episode 034  – Why we cannot avoid struggles and challenges, but we can show up spiritually in the face of hardship.

Bushfires are raging through our country and many of us, especially those in the spiritual/self development world are faced with how to SHOW up, take action, pay attention and yet still be a “spiritual being having a human experience…”

Firstly, spiritual bypassing is not the way. We cannot ignore what’s going on in the world, in our homes and families and around us by only focusing on being LOVE and LIGHT only. We can take action in some way, privately or publicly. In a small way or a big way. Whatever way feels good and true for you.

As a coach, I never,  ever say to my clients that doing spiritual work, raising your vibration, focusing on love and light will leave you immune to suffering, hardship, struggle.

For many reasons:

1. Your personal soul journey might experience growth through struggle.

2. Struggle leads to gold that can be mined, always.

3. Human experience is to dive into all sides – shadow and light. That’s what you’re here for.

4. You cannot prevent struggles and challenges happening to those around you, your community, your world. And if you think you are immune to it, i’m sorry, you’re wrong. Even as mamas we witness this daily – we cannot protect our children from every struggle and hurt and challenge. We aren’t meant to – that’s how they grow.

As a Coach, there is something I do focus on – how can I help you learn, practice and be armed up with spiritual, energetic, emotional, mental, physical tools to support yourself through hard times. To level up. To manage your energetic boundaries, to ground yourself, to calm your nervous system, to pray, to meditate, to clear your blocks and beliefs and fears.

The Relationship with coach and client is like a guide or map reader in the driver of a car. You drive. you are the driver, always, but I am there to give you the directions. To suggest the short cut, or perhaps even the long road to where you want to go. Navigate the bumps and the confusing roads ahead. Keeping you cool and calm and collected when you feel lost.  And also just holding space for when you lose your shit and encouraging you to pull over and pause.

We can use our spiritual tools to navigate hard times. To face our challenges. To be present, loving and high vibrational AND positive despite the shadow we feel we are in. That’s how we find the light again.

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