One Woke Mama Episode 03 – Healing, growing & awakening through motherhood with Maryanne Sea

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

Episode 03: Healing, growing & awakening through motherhood with Maryanne Sea

First up, I wasn’t intending for this episode to be so long – I’m sorry, truly, I know that time is precious as a mama. But you see, the thing is, when one speaks with Maryanne Sea – Intuitive Healer (which, by the way, does NOT properly explain her incredible skill set!) – one is not able to keep the conversation tight. There is just so much to explore and understand about healing when it comes to babies in utero, babies pre-birth and the mothers who create these beautiful babies.

Maryanne and I jump on the mic together, again, after such a HUGE and positive response to our first episode – In our first interview we explore the powerful and mind-blowing experience of healing babies before they are born – helping them to come down earth side with an open channel to love, grounded, at peace, and ready to be here.

This time around I had to get Maryanne back on to chat about all things healing but on a new and exciting level – Together, Maryanne and I explore the power of healing with intention, love and presence in the work that Maryanne does with babies in utero, children post birth and mother healings. Maryanne has created change and positive healing with Rafael pre AND post birth as well as my little Soleil at the age of four. 

This episode will blow your mind with incredible stories of rapid healing, dramatic shifts and HUGE awakenings for both mother and baby. We even explore how Maryanne has helped women call in their angel baby and fall pregnant simply by removing the blocks to love.

An episode absolutely NOT to be missed and one close to my heart as I am currently knee deep into my own healing journey with Maryanne as my guide. I speak from experience that the work Maryanne does for mother’s and babies is next level. The journey I am currently on is so life-changing it’s hard to put it into words. So I beg you, listen in, listen again, listen when you can. It’s worth it.


Show notes:

Visit Maryanne’s website

Maryanne’s current offering

The Powerful Intentions Circle



In this episode I cover:

  • What an intuitive reading is – what is the focus, how it’s done and what are its benefits
  • A mother’s desire to shed the past and create change and why that desire is so important
  • Breaking the chain and the generational wounds in the mother line.
  • Readings with babies before birth and how they communicate their needs, desires, blocks and wounds
  • Why helping babies to heal pre and post birth can create a huge shift and redirect the course of their life
  • Stories of women trying to conceive and of their pre- conception connection with their children
  • Mother and Child readings and the healing that unfolds
  • How this work is an important part of a Woman/Mother’s growth journey.
  • Motherhood has the catalyst for deep healing and awakening
  • The Wounds of Rejection – the leaving and merging pattern
  • Powerful intentions for pregnancy and childbirth – an invitation to join a global healing movement
  • discounted offer to work with Maryanne.

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