One Woke Mama – Episode 028 – Mama Guilt and Shame

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama – Episode 028 – Mama Guilt and Shame

It’s hard to avoid guilt and judgment as mamas – we experience it and we dish it out too. Truthfully, we all know it does no good. It bears down on us, heavy and suffocating and grips our heart when we find ourselves passing judgment.

In this podcast with Emma Seibold we explore the importance of choosing love instead. We explore ways to invite more love in and in doing so let go of guilt and judgment3

It all comes down to love. How much do you LOVE yourself? Or at least, how often can you say “I choose love over fear” in this moment. Guilt and Judgment have no place, or strong foot-hold when we slather on compassion, understanding, acceptance… L.O.V.E.

I am not going to pretend that guilt and judgment no longer show up in my life. They are there daily. But I can feel, through my body, when they are weaving their way and snaking through my mind leaving a trail of destruction. My chest feels tighter. My breathing shallow. I find myself distracted, disengaged. A lot more focused on the external. Frustrated at EVERYTHING.

These are my sign-posts. What are yours? Don’t know them yet? Well GOOD, start tuning in. Pay attention to how you react to conversations, moments with your child(ren), when you’re ‘mumming’… start to notice what triggers you and sends you spiralling into guilt and/or judgment. I journal through realisations when they come to me – moments of clarity around what has sent me into guilt-zone. Or where I’m in judgment. That creates awareness and from that awareness I can’t hide from the ugliness of those emotions. I HAVE to look at it. I must deal with it. So when it happens, in real time I then CHOOSE to breathe through it. To pause, just long enough to not react and over-react.


The thing is, we are never going to be protected from the onslaught of guilt and judgment – the kind we generate from within ourselves and the kind we get slapped in the face with from friends, family and even random strangers.

So we MUST learn how to nurture ourselves – come back to our centre, to regroup, to find trust in what we are doing and who we are being as women, as a mamas, as partners, colleagues, friends, sisters, daughters.



Emma Seibold is an inspiration to me. She is not only an incredible entrepreneur, wellness advocate, teacher and business owner but the way she leads with love as a mama AND treats herself with the respect she so deserves – well, that encourages me to be a better mama and woman too. Our conversation is going to light you up – plenty of golden nuggets to treasure and learn from.

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