One Woke Mama – Episode 025 – Connection. Nervous System Regulation. Childhood Wounds And Trauma

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One Woke Mama – Episode 025 – Connection. Nervous System Regulation. Childhood Wounds And Trauma

The way we connect with our children – through our eye contact, voice, body language – can have a huge impact on how they learn to regulate their own nervous system. They are plugged into OUR energy field, our nervous system. And a chemical reaction ensures that their own PHYSICAL body responds to future experiences and challenges based on how we connect with our children, how we personally show up to experiences and challenges and how regulated we are in our nervous system.

In today’s episode I dive into a mixed bag – looking at the power of connection, that oxytocin exchange and how it does more than just make us FEEL GOOD, the way we teach our children how to regulate their nervous system and therefore how we do the same for ourselves.

I share examples and personal stories before diving a little further into childhood trauma and wounding – and how WHAT we learn as children about being in the world, showing up with our own regulated or dysregulated nervous affects how we COPE with experiences, challenges and difficult situations.

This is an important conversation for us mamas because it shows that we can simply create a supportive and empowered container to hold our children through the inevitable challenges of life, and in learning to do this for our children we learn to heal our own wounds and traumas.


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