One Woke Mama – Episode 024 – Just because your partner parents differently to you doesn’t mean they are wrong

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One Woke Mama – Episode 024 – Just because your partner parents differently to you doesn’t mean they are wrong

The latest One Woke Mama episode dives into how we often parent differently to our partners, and how that might just be ok. In fact, perfect. Perhaps your partner, in his/her opposite parenting isn’t wrong, but actually offers something that you cannot offer to your child/children.

I’ve been aware of and working on my judgements of my husband doing parenting differently to me. And all the ways that shows up. Including how I sometimes try and “teach” him my way – on a bad day this can look like me making suggestions of other things he could do or say to my daughter particularly.

What is this born from?

It’s fascinating when I sit back and review it objectively. And when I feel into my body, during the very moments when I’m reacting and attempting to parent him, I can see that I am in a state of control.

  • I am controlling his parenting because on some level I don’t trust his parenting.
  • I don’t trust his parenting because we come to believe that our way is the only way, is the right way.
  • That only WE could possibly know what’s right for our child. After all we are their mother, right?
  • And the fascinating thing about not trusting someone else and how they parent is that underlying that lack of trust is a deep fear – a fear of not doing the best for our child. a fear of completely fucking them up.
  • A fear of seeing them hurt, damaged, broken. Or in some way unfulfilled in their potentially, emotionally abused.

But the truth is, we can’t avoid the hurts and challenges they will face, whether at our own hand (we are human and learning on the job) or at the hands of others, or simply life it self.

We can however equip them to cope, to manage, to show up, to feel, to process, to learn and grow from it all.

Listen in to learn how I have come to a place of peace with the differences in my partner’s parenting.

Listen to Episode 024:

Show notes:

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