One Woke Mama – Episode 023 – The Journey of Becoming A Working Mama with Lorraine Murphy 

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama – Episode 023 – The Journey of Becoming A Working Mama with Lorraine Murphy

Welcome to the latest episode of One Woke Mama with Lorraine Murphy.

I’m lucky enough to chat to Lorraine Murphy, who some of you might remember from the first iteration of my podcast – The Wellness Project – where we explored all things business and baby.

If you aren’t sure of who Lorraine is let me share a bit about her – Lorraine is an award winning entrepreneur, best selling author or three books now, speaker and mentor.

Her NEW book, Baby, You’re Remarkable inspired today’s conversation designed to support you to calm the chaos, to get and stay organised and how to blend running a biz or working alongside being a mama.

This is the book that Lorraine had wished for when first toying with the idea of starting a family alongside running her own multi-million dollar business.

How to thrive with both babies – business and her real baby, Her book is candid. Real – full of truths and stories that will inspire and support you.

It’s not a book of tips and specific guidance but it is a book full of insights, life hacks and ideas designed to be “cherry picked” based on you and your unique family and circumstance.

Lorraine and I dive into some big stuff:

  • Preparing for the arrival of a new baby and becoming a working mum.
  • The challenges and struggles she faced and what she learned from that journey.
  • The stress and pressure she felt in planning to have a family when things didn’t go to plan.
  • What she has learned about combing work with motherhood and so much more.

This is definitely one for you if you are a working mama, considering returning to work, starting or running your own business or even not yet a mama and wondering how the heck you are going to do it all.

I highly recommend going back to episode #17 in my previous podcast (still available in iTunes just scroll down!) or CLICK HERE.

Listen to Episode 023:

Show notes:

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