One Woke Mama Episode 02 – Authenticity in Motherhood

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Episode 02: Authenticity in Motherhood

Authenticity – an attitude that I feel we need to embody MORE asa mamas. Something that unfortunately doesn’t happen enough – women are discouraged from sharing their joys AND showing vulnerability and struggle. The cost of this is huge on our tribe and community. When we are enter Motherhood, we are entering a private and individual experience, but also a universal collective. There are things you just can’t know or ever understand until you have grown, birthed and nurtured a child. You can’t ever begin to fathom the deep transition, the cavern of in-between that motherhood throws you into. Not to mention the sheer exhaustion from sleepless nights, the love that renders you a gooey mess and the way everything about YOU comes into question (Who am I? Whom does this body belong too? Where did my romance and freedom go?)

In this episode I explore what Authentic Motherhood looks like and why it’s invaluable.


In this episode I cover:

  • How comparison and competition affects our ability to be authentic
  • How we are not encouraged to be positive or to share our struggles
  • Why authenticity creates community and tribe mentality
  • What reframing failure in motherhood means and why we need to do it
  • A simple call to action

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