One Woke Mama -Episode 019 – What I’ve Learned About Baby Sleep

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama -Episode 019 – What I’ve Learned About Baby Sleep

In Episode 019 I share what I’ve personally learned about Baby Sleep.

After two children with poor sleeping and settling behaviour I’ve tried everything and experienced so much more.

This is not a practical exploration on HOW to get your baby to sleep better, there is enough information out there from the ‘experts’. No, this is a deep dive into the psycho-emotional-spiritual aspect of baby sleep and how, i feel, at the very core of the challenge is YOU – the mother. As I’ve discovered is the case for me.

Through my children’s sleep patterns I was presented a huge mirror, a powerful reflection – showing many unhealed parts of me. Taking me to my edge, over and over. It quickly showed me that the years of meditation and self development work were a beautiful balm, but they had only touched the top layer of healing. I had to go deep.

In this episode I share:

  • My personal experience with both babies.
  • I share how my spiritual practices stopped working for me and how I knew then that I had to dig deeper into healing.
  • The many factors that come into play from behaviour, development, teething, growth spurts, sickness etc.
  • Sleep training Rafael and how I involved him in the process of discussion and decision
  • I explore what the common denominator was between both children and their sleep patterns
  • I touch on birth, genetics and how these effect sleep
  • How it all comes back to the nervous system
  • What a dysregulated, over active nervous system means emotionally through the lens of a baby (and your sub conscious too!)
  • How babies take on our story and programming through their interconnectedness to our energy, nervous system, emotions.
  • Why sleep training won’t always work and what needs to happen to ensure it does
  • Why it all comes back to you, the mama!

Listen to Episode 019

Show notes:

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