One Woke Mama -Episode 017- I’m so tired of being tired. Is there another way?

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

One Woke Mama -Episode 017 – Finding Stillness Experience Lightness with Guided Meditation

In Episode 017 I dive into how by leading with and sharing how I am always “tired” with others I meet and interact with that I am inviting more of that heavy, exhausted energy into my body.

What would happen if I chose to still be authentic, and in my truth but to share, lead with and lean into a different aspect. Something more positive? Something of a higher vibration? Perhaps this would start to create a shift in how I show up for the day and how I engage with my family and community.

Could it change the way I think and feel? Could it change the patterning and beliefs I live by?

In this episode I share:

+ How I have swung so far in presenting my authentic self that my default is to lead with the more negative aspects of how I am feeling.
+ I share the steps in creating change – awareness, mental and cognitive shift, change in language and feeling in body, coming into a new alignment and then manifesting something different, more positive.
+ The tools I have been harnessing lately to short circuit my default patterning, to lay down new feelings and beliefs in my system
+ Meditation, EFT and more.
+ My new, just launched EFT Program – The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom with a very early bird rate.

Listen to Episode 017

Show notes:

Visit my website to check out and join The Alchemy of Emotional Freedom – my new online masterclass that will teach you the powerful, yet simple tools of EFT combined with Chakras, White Light and Essential Oils.


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 I’d love to quickly share with you the first of the One Woke Mama circles happening i Sydney.

10th August, 1-3:30pm.

  • Join me as we experience a monthly moment of divine connection in circle.
  • A carved out pocket of deliciousness where you will feel renewed in body and mind.
  • A spaciousness that fills you back up.

You will come away feeling inspired by and connected to other like-minded mamas who see motherhood as the catalyst for their own spiritual awakening. Just like you do.

You will experience a sense of presence, inner connection and the gift of awareness – creating shifts, letting go of beliefs and paradigms that don’t serve you and inviting in more of the mother and woman you want to be.

Together we will journey through:

  • Embodiment practices
  • EFT
  • Meditation
  • Reflective practices
  • And some luscious time away from children as you return home to YOU.

We will explore, share, reflect on and dive into the shadows and the light of your motherhood journey. 

Providing and holding space for you to peel back the layers and grow through your own experiences in a shared collective – in a mama tribe that understands and SEES you.

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