One Woke Mama – Episode 015 – Mama, You Are Meant To Fall Flat On Your Face. That’s How You Grow.

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

Mama, You Are Meant To Fall Flat On Your Face. That’s How You Grow.

In Episode 015 I talk on the power and importance of embracing the falls and struggles we experience during our Motherhood journey.

There is no linear experience where you start at the beginning, complete a obstacle pathway and find yourself at the holy grail, the miraculous end point where you ‘know” everything and have nailed this motherhood thing.
Nope, it’s a rolling experience – it is an never ending ride of highs and lows.

And mostly, we do alot of navigating blindly through the dark, falling often, stumbling and tripping. We might sail through for a while cruising along and things are going well until another upleveling is required. We are taken to our edge to face our own inner wounds through our children (perhaps their tantrums trigger you, or their incessant talking, or constant winter sickness…)

And there we find ourselves face down in the dirt again.
WHY am I sharing this?
Not to paint a bleak picture.
No quite the opposite… to actually show you how beautiful this journey of growth is. You get to repeatedly grow yourself up!

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  • EFT
  • Meditation
  • Reflective practices
  • And some luscious time away from children as you return home to YOU.

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Providing and holding space for you to peel back the layers and grow through your own experiences in a shared collective – in a mama tribe that understands and SEES you.

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