One Woke Mama – Episode 013 –  The Contrasts of Motherhood – from surrender to stillness and from new beginnings, starting up and taking action.

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood

The Contrasts of Motherhood – from surrender to stillness and from new beginnings, starting up and taking action.

I am constantly in this push and pull within motherhood. I am in constant negotiation with the many different energies and attitudes and experiences that motherhood has called out of me. Are you, too?

It is something that I have to stay with – to stay in the centre of these contrasts. And I want to shine a light on these contrasts to bring value and appreciation for all sides of this multifaceted experience.

There are so many ways that motherhood takes shape. It cannot be one thing, it cannot be one thing forever… it will always shift and morph and change.

In Episode 012 I  talk you through the contrasts that I have experienced and sometimes experience within one day – actually, definitely experience within one day. From the deeply surrendered experiences to the action-packed, taking charge energy. Starting up Versus Slowing Down.

From embodying the Divine Feminine energy of presence, power and flow to the Divine Masculine where we take action, and move forward, solving problems and getting shit done.

Tune in to hear more about these contrasts and how we can make all sides of the motherhood journey work for us.

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Show Notes

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 I’d love to quickly share with you the first of the One Woke Mama circles happening i Sydney.

13th July, 1-3:30pm.

  • Join me as we experience a monthly moment of divine connection in circle.
  • A carved out pocket of deliciousness where you will feel renewed in body and mind.
  • A spaciousness that fills you back up.

You will come away feeling inspired by and connected to other like-minded mamas who see motherhood as the catalyst for their own spiritual awakening. Just like you do.

You will experience a sense of presence, inner connection and the gift of awareness – creating shifts, letting go of beliefs and paradigms that don’t serve you and inviting in more of the mother and woman you want to be.

Together we will journey through:

  • Embodiment practices
  • EFT
  • Meditation
  • Reflective practices
  • And some luscious time away from children as you return home to YOU.

We will explore, share, reflect on and dive into the shadows and the light of your motherhood journey. 

Providing and holding space for you to peel back the layers and grow through your own experiences in a shared collective – in a mama tribe that understands and SEES you.

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