One Woke Mama – Episode 010 – Yes, there is a word for the transition of motherhood. Matresence with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz

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This interview with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz from Happy Mama has been a conversation on the cards for some time. Amy is one of my closest friends and this chat is a direct insight into how we ‘talk’ – the type of reflection, exploration and discussion that we have, mama to mama.

We dive into Matresence, the ‘word’ that encapsulates the mind altering, body reshaping, soul uncovering journey that is the transition from maiden to mother.

I cannot describe to you the relief and excitement I felt when I first heard the word Matresence. And I know Amy shares the same relief, joy and connection to this container that allows us to be seen, known, heard and fully understood as women who are in deep transformation in every way.

Yes, there is a WORD that describes the transition from maiden to mother. The depths of transformation that a woman experiences once she becomes a mother knows no bounds, limitations or a time-frame. And it is a rite of passage that is just as important and powerful as any other – birth, adolescence, menstruation, marriage, death. But it is not a passage that is honoured nearly enough.

This conversation with Amy Taylor-Kabbaz from Happy Mama on the transitory experience of Matresence –  where our identify complete shifts and the old girl/woman falls away – is a mind blowing conversation filled with powerful insights, a new paradigm, and a wisdom that will hold you through motherhood.

This word, this anthropological term will shift your perspective and help you ditch self judgment around the space you are in.

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In this episode we cover:

  • Where the term Matresence came from.
  • What Matresence actually means.
  • An understanding of the analogy of Matresence and how it relates to Adolesence
  • How Matresence affects everything within and without you
  • How Matresence acknowledges this massive identify shift.
  • How valuing Matresence helps women accept and embrace their experience
  • Holding space for each other, mama to mama, society to women
  • Why this word rang so true for Amy
  • What Amy has been trying to figure out for a decade
  • Some of Amy’s KEY feelings experienced in her own transitional journey.
  • Amy’s personal struggles with journeying from maiden to mother.
  • How Matresence is a ‘thing’ and why we need to give women permission to experience it as it is
  • How rituals help us in our Matresence season
  • Why it is so important and necessary for us women to be more educated on this stage of life.
  • How society as a whole could  benefit from including ‘matresence’ in our thinking/understanding/conversation.
  • Why understanding Matresence changes our experience of motherhood and beyond.
  • What we lose by NOT embracing this season of Matresence.
  • What does Amy ultimately want to see when it comes to Matresence in the wider community.
  • What Amy is currently working on – when it comes to your Mind, Body, Soul
  • What Amy is most grateful for from motherhood has delivered you
  • How we can support Amy and her work in the world

Show Notes

Connect with Amy

Amy Taylor-Kabbaz is a writer, producer, speaker and mother to three young children. After more than a decade covering breaking news and current affairs for the ABC around the country, her ‘traditional’ career took an unexpected turn when she found herself lost, overwhelmed and diagnosed with a thyroid condition after the birth of her first daughter.

11 years – and two more babies – later, she is now the author of the best-seling ‘Happy Mama: the guide to finding yourself’, the host of the ‘The Happy Mama Movement’ podcast, runs numerous online programs for mothers all over the world, is an international award-winning coach, the creator of the #1 itunes meditations for children ‘Bedtime Explorers’, and is currently working on her next two books, to be published with Hay House international.




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