One Woke Mama Episode 01 – How Our Children Trigger Our Inner Shadows

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Episode 01: Our Children Trigger Our Inner Shadows

Our children, who I see as tiny but mighty Gurus, often trigger us – especially our inner shadows and wounds. Sometimes just getting through daily life with tiny dictators can be the most challenging thing you’ve ever done. I know that sounds extreme, but everything (especially when they are really little) can be tedious and fraught with resistance and stubbornness. What I find to be the most challenging though is the reflection our children mirror back to us – how they shine a light on our ugliness, or the inner child within that is wounded and broken in some way. How we ‘handle’ the very normal yet irritating challenges that motherhood sometimes throws at us – well this is where we see how deep own shadows are. They come up to the surface, begging to be healed.

In today’s episode I share the triggers my children have brought up in me. How our children demand us to heal ourselves and why I feel they do this – how it’s a two-way street.

This is an invitation to be OK with those triggers and learn from them.

Tune in and share your thoughts on how your children have triggered your own shadows and wounds.


In this episode I cover:

  • How I first began my spiritual awakening, before motherhood
  • Why I believe motherhood has been my biggest spiritual unravelling to date
  • How motherhood triggers our inner wounds and shadows
  • The triggers I experience from my own children
  • Why it’s about growth and healing
  • What our children demand of us and why

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