Welcome to One Woke Mama Podcast – Episode Ground Zero

One Woke Mama – The journey of awakening through motherhood


Welcome to my NEW podcast. I’m so excited this day has finally come. I’ve been quietly and somewhat slowly plodding away at recording, and doing ALL the things required to relaunch a podcast.

As I write this I find it funny that I actually made my life a little harder – I mean, I could’ve just kept going with The Wellness Project Podcast… recorded a few new episodes and just continued on. But no, I had to take heed of the inspiration that landed in my heart one cold wintry morning. And that inspiration came in the form of three little words; One Woke Mama.

And that moment happened amongst the beautiful, delicious yet sometimes frustrating phase of life with a newborn. Mamahood V2.0. Two children deep and some days I was floundering, others swimming through it all like a fish. Either way I was undergoing a transformation and a HUGE process of awakening – which truly has been happening for many years now, but motherhood is like slamming pedal to the metal. Accelerated growth. Calling WOKE in on speed dial.

So, as you might remember, this podcast used to be called The Wellness Project – a business name and brand that has carried me through the years since 2011. And one I still resonate with you. But, throw motherhood into the mix and everything comes into question (I’ll definitely be talking about this more on episodes to come). 

If you were following and listening along to The Wellness Project Podcast, which I launched when I was pregnant with my now 10month old little man – Rafael – or from the earliest days of when I shared my meals and spoke all things health and wellbeing, from my blogging days, Life Coaching biz, meditation offerings, programs etc – BTW I thank you for being the first to tune in to my brand of wellness which was an exploration into freeing your mind, fuelling your body and feeding your soul.

And whilst I am still madly passionate about all those things, you might have already guessed that there is something else I want to focus on. Motherhood. But not just the everyday story of motherhood. (Although the everyday is where it’s all at!) Nope… I want to focus on the incredible gift that motherood offers us – the opportunity to grow, to get dirty, to get lost in the shadows and find our own truth, to heal.

Motherhood is a catalyst for major spiritual upheaval and growth. A chance to become more conscious and to ‘wake’ up.
To be more woke. Yep, this is what I’m here to focus on.

One Woke Mama.

This is the next iteration of my personal journey – a spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and energetic exploration through the powerful, potent and often down-right ridiculous experience of consciousness. Of awakening. Of becoming WOKE.


So as you get ready to dive into One Woke Mama, I ask you to start here at Episode Ground 0

Ground is the place I find myself after almost a year of maternity leave after the birth of my divine angel boy, Rafael. My second and last baby.

I want to get you up to speed. It’s important that we start here together. And this ground zero gives me the chance to go down to the bare bones. To the dust that has settled after a wild few years and to start again – literally starting again with this podcast. Beginning this journey again, differently, With you. If you are ready and willing to jump on board. Are you ready for the new wave, albeit from the same ocean, that is washing through. Because this is how it feels to me. TO begin again.

So I’ll leave you to click PLAY and tune in. This is an important foundational episode to make sure you and I are up to speed.

P.s If you are new here (Hi! Welcome!) Please make sure you take your time to listen back through the 28 episodes in my original podcast – The Wellness Project – there are some mind-blowing, heart expanding, seriously unreal interviews in there with some seriously incredible women. I will never delete those interviews because they are pure GOLD. So head back to the main podcast page, scroll down and plug in!


In this episode I cover:

  • What Ground Zero means
  • Why I relaunched my podcast from The Wellness Project to One Woke Mama
  • What I am passionate about
  • What One Woke Mama is all about
  • What is included, for you, in the One Woke Mama podcast journey


Listen to Episode Ground Zero




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Beautiful one, thank you for being here and listening. It would mean the world to me if you would hit subscribe and stay connected to One Woke Mama – join me on this journey of awakening. Your feedback, comments, reviews and shares would always be gratefully received but also help us to reach more mamas who need support as they navigate the choppy waters of motherhood and all it asks of us.

Love + light,



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