Embracing love even when you don’t want to

Embracing love, even when you don’t want to… Is that the most ridiculous thing you’ve read? I hear you, it probably sounds ridiculous, especially if you are on this spiritual path to live from and embody love.

But let’s get real here (you know how much I like to do that!) Aren’t there moments when being pissed off, self-righteous, judgmental and maybe even a little bitchy almost feels good? Giving in to your hungry ego, who has been waiting for the cracks to show so it can gobble you up in a flurry of high-octane emotions, sometimes happens without much thought. In a flash moment you are right there – in the pit of some ugly emotional ditch being exactly the type of person you don’t like or want to be.

After all we are human. And with it comes a whole love of light and shade. Grace and shame. Beauty and beastliness. Joy and rage. Sometimes it’s easier (and feels satisfying for just a fleeting moment) to give into the darker shades within us.

What I’m going to ask you is to try embracing love instead. And when should we do this? Well, now. Later. Always.

Right in that moment when you’ve got your bitch on… embrace love.

Smack in the middle of a good gossip session… embrace love.

Just as you are entering smugs-ville and getting all hoity toity… embrace love.

When you feel the need to judge someone else… embrace love.

Don’t ignore your feelings just choose a different way.

Embracing love is absolutely NOT about ignoring your feelings, suppressing truth or trying to gloss over your normal human reactions. I’m most certainly not about ignoring the shadow. What you can do it take a good hard look at what’s come up, reflect on it and see what lesson is there for you. There is always something there, just for you.

Then you choose a different way. When you are in automatic pilot mode (you know the one) and robotically talking, thinking and behaving in a way you don’t want too – in a way that does not come from love – ask yourself ‘Am I embracing love? How can I embrace love instead?’.

Choose Love over fear.

The opposite of love is fear. When we are in playing in this opposite we are essentially giving our ego full license to spring forth from fear, which spews forth through our words, thoughts and actions – which has many layers and costumes; deep seeded anxieties, feelings of lack and limitation, comparison and the ‘not enoughs’.

When we make the conscious decision to ditch love and act from a state of ego based fear we are letting our shadow run the show. Our shadow is there to teach us but not pretend to be us.

Why embracing love always triumphs.

Look at it this way. Like attracts like and energy flows goes where attention flows. If you are in that shadow, egoic fear state not only are you putting that energy out into the world and bitch-slapping those that come in your wake, you are absorbing more of what you dish out.

Your fear-based energy attracts more of that right back to you.

If your attention is not on love, then love is not what you’ll receive. If your attention is not on joy, then joy is not what you’ll receive. You get it right? It’s like a magnet, a boomerang; You get back what you put out.

When we you choose love instead you get that back ten-fold in more ways than I could ever describe.


Embracing love will have a monumental effect on your life, the lives of those around you and the world at larger. The high vibing energy of true unconditional love multiplies and spread far and wide. It’s like a love-epidemic of immeasurable proportions.

Let’s set the commitment to choose love, to go for the good stuff in those moments when fear and ego want to call the shots.

Love + light

Claire x

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