Sometimes we read a book, blog post, watch a lecture, or attend a workshop that completely and deeply resonates with us. It’s like a giant bell has been rung from deep within your belly. The reverberations send shock waves of truth and realisation through every layer of your being.

I had this experience with a book I read over the summer holidays: Red Hot & Holy – A heretic’s love story by Sera Beak.

This book spoke to a part of me that I didn’t even know was listening. This book spoke not only to my spirit, but to the divine feminine soul – the collective, universal consciousness of ‘woman’ living within my truth.

I devoured this book. I cried, spontaneously and in a deep ‘soul urge’ sort of way. I feel changed by this book.

Honestly, as I write this post I’m not even sure where to begin to bring this to life. It’s taken me over a month to even write this. How do I share something that seems so messy, awkward and foreign, yet familiar and required. What I can say is this, you must read Red Hot & Holy. Now. Especially if you…

  • are a woman
  • feel an urge, a call for a deeper connection
  • are wondering how to embrace your femininity in this masculine world
  • are ready to connect with your sacred soul

Sera Beak, amongst many other authors, is writing and expressing a truth that needs to be told. Many of us are on this ‘spiritual’ path trying to tap into ‘spirit’ – me included. Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This higher self, the infinite, all powerful spirit that is one with all things is part of our truth – we are all part of the universal ‘spirit’. However, Sera Beak shares that the chase of spirit, a more ‘masculine’ energy, can often lead us away from soul – the divine, feminine energy. (When I say masculine and feminine, know that I’m know talking about in the traditional gender role sort of way).

“Sera defines the soul as the center of your center, the You of you – your distinct and sovereign divinity, which is directly connected to All That Is. Your soul is your guidance and your grace, your deepest knowing and your toughest truth, your best friend and your beloved. Your soul’s love for you is unmatched by anyone or anything else in this Universe. When you ignite your soul fire, you don’t merely believe, but you know on every level of your being and in every cell of your beautiful body that YOU are the One you’ve been looking for all along”.*

The way I interpret this is that the Spirit is everything – infinite, divine, energy and the source of all things. The feminine soul, is what resides within us – a direct line and connection from the soul to the spirit is always there, but the feminine soul is the essence of you. It is our everything.

“Soul is embodied essence. Experience ourselves and others in our full humanity. Part animal, part divine. Healing comes through embodiment of the soul. The soul is the feminine side of God. The feminine soul is what grounds us. It loves and accepts us in our totality.” Marion Woodman.

How do we embrace our feminine soul + life from that space?

Now, I’m not going to pretend that I know how to do this. I feel strongly called to tap into and become besties with my soul, but I’m not even sure that I have invited in or allowed my Divine Feminine Soul to take centre stage before.

We live in a very ‘spirit-based’ masculine focused world of strength, intensity, dynamism, structure and rule. We need all of those energies – I’m not knocking them – but somewhere along the way myself and perhaps most women out there have ridden that masculine energy, at the expense of our divine femininity.

I’ve taken the words of many authors and leaders on The Divine Feminine Soul to help me shape my perspective. I’m still dipping my toe in and I know that many of you might feel called to do the same.

Sara Beak shares that:  Our soul, our divine femininity, requires us to be ‘Out Loud. On Purpose + In Full Service to Life’.

Everything that is truly authentic stems from our soul. And yet many of us are disconnected from and cannot truly ‘hear’ our soul nor do we allow our soul to take centre stage.

Woman, the feminine; we are bold, loud, irrational, emotional, erotic, strong yet soft, passionate, messy, sensitive, tough, crazy, sexy, insightful, wise, intuitive, pissed off, badass, silly …

Living from and embracing our soul is about going full-out in all our feminine glory!

Sera Beak talks about the steps we can take to connect to and embody our feminine soul. Start a dialogue with your soul. Let her know that you are here and ready. With all your heart say to your soul:

I am ready

Turn up the volume on your life

I will listen when you call…

I love Sera’s encouragement that overtime we’ll “start to discern her voice over the myriad of other voices’. The feminine soul speaks differently to our ego, the language of our spirit or our intellectual minds.

She speaks in metaphors, symbols, synchronicities, body and feelings, emotions. She communicates simple but powerful truths; (excerpt from a Keynote speech by Sara Beak)

Breath deeper.

Cry harder.

Laugh louder.

Get messy.

Get clean.

I’m here.

You’re not alone.

I’ve got your back.

Remember, I’m here.

To me, the message is loud and clear. Stop trying to transcend your ‘humaness’. Stop trying to rise above your imperfections and the need to fix, improve or change anything. Stop disconnecting from what you really are – ‘part animal, part divine’ and actually USE all that you really are as a way of moving, listening, speaking, touching, loving and experiencing as the divine feminine soul.

We have to live from what is authentic to our soul – rather than what is deemed ‘authentic’ by the collective.


Start to express your feminine soul from the very depth and heart of your being so that you are living from the centre of your centre.


I highly recommend watching this Keynote speech from Sera Beak if this blog post has peaked your interest. Definitely read her book, Red Hot + Holy and look into a few other books: The Divine Feminine Fire – Teri Degler, Dance of the Dissident Daugher – Sue Monk Kidd

Your turn: what’s your take on femininity, the feminine soul? Do you feel called to tap into this part of you?

soulful love + light,

Claire x

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